Kids Wallpaper Designs Ideas and Inspiration

Selecting wallpaper for your tiny tots can be both an exciting and a little challenging task. With a myriad of wallpaper options available, involving your child in picking the wallpaper is critical, as it’s important to choose a theme that speaks to their interests and fuels their imaginative play.

For instance, picking a cartoon character-based wallpaper might evoke joy and a playful mood. Watch the happiness unfold as your child’s room transforms into a scene from theri beloved animated series. You can also go for fantasy-themed wallpapers such as a magical castle, fairies, or dragons if it piques your child’s interest. With the right tones and design, you can create the perfect ambiance for your kids’ bedroom. And if you want to bring in nature-themed inspired wallpaper, then there is a selection of wallpapers that would look perfect in a kids room. These wallpapers include themes and patterns of jungle, waterfall, mountains, flowers, animals, etc., evoking a sense of awe and wonder in your child.

Even while going for a revamp, many parents explore kids’ wallpaper designs over paint, as the latter doesn’t give much room for creativity. Plus, wallpaper installation and removal in a child’s room is much easier and hassle-free than painting. So, without further ado, let’s look at some wallpaper ideas and designs:

Wallpaper Ideas for Kids Bedroom:

3D Modern Wallpaper

Bring alive the walls of your child’s room with 3D modern wallpaper. Imagine having a secret door to a new world or a Transformers character featured on the wall of your child’s room. With 3D wallpaper for the kids room, the possibilities are endless.

Castle Wallpaper for Kids

Turn your kids room into a fantastical wonderland with castle-themed wallpaper. These majestic castles nestled in the natural world evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in your child. Browse our collection of kids wallpapers or get them custom-made.

Magical Cute Fairy Wallpaper for Girls Room

While looking for cute wallpapers for a girl’s room, consider fairy-themed wallpaper. The soft, innocent, and feminine visuals of the wallpaper will add a touch of elegance and grace to your daughter’s room.

Jungle Themed Wallpaper for Kids

Think about a whimsical jungle with cute animals, trees, and gushing waterfalls. This imagery of the natural world as the backdrop of your child’s room elevates its charm instantly.

Disney Characters Wallpaper

If your child is a fan of Disney characters, browse wallpaper featuring their favourite characters or get them custom-made. It could be The Little Mermaid or Disney Cars; the options are endless.

Moon and Stars Wallpaper

Make your child’s room shine with endearing moon and star wallpapers. A perfect place to install these wallpapers would be on the ceiling, which would give the illusion that they are sleeping under the stars. This will help your child channel their inner curiosity and make bedtime a little more relaxing, knowing they are sleeping.

Universe and Outer Space Wallpaper

Does your child have a curiosity for all things outer space? Surprise them with an adorable wall covering featuring the solar system with the sun, planets, and rockets. You can even get ideas from them and create a customised wallpaper design for your child’s room.

Anime Wallpaper

Is your kid an anime buff? Then they’ll surely like to see their favourite characters featured on their bedroom walls, such as Doraemon, Shinchan, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. You can also imprint any famous dialogue or tagline of their favourite anime characters, as custom wallpaper options are always available.

Tips While Browsing Kids Wallpaper Designs

When it comes to selecting kids wallpaper designs, there are certain things you must keep in mind before making the final purchase. Please read below:

  1. Always involve your child in the wallpaper selection process and prioritise their interests and tastes. This will make them feel included and make the room uniquely theirs.
  2. If your child has a fickle taste in wallpaper designs, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper. They are easy to remove and install, and they do not cause any damage to the walls.
  3. Your child’s health is paramount, so make sure to buy wallpapers that are made from toxic-free materials and are eco-friendly.
  4. You can also incorporate educational elements such as tables, alphabets, or maps as per your child’s age and understanding.
  5. Look for kids wallpapers that are superior in both quality and design.
  6. Make sure the wallpapers are both durable and washable. Such wallpapers will be protected by the daily wear and tear, and it will be easy to clean them. Durable wallpapers for the kids room would save you both time and money.
  7. Go for a cohesive wallpaper theme for your child’s room. For example, a princess-themed room or a jungle-themed room This helps the room have an orderly appearance.
  8. Be mindful of the tones of wallpaper that you select. The dark tones can make a large room look cosier, while soft and pastel shades can make a room look brighter and bigger.

Wallpapers Vs Wall Coverings: What’s the Difference?

For those looking for alternatives to wall paint, wallpapers or wall coverings come as a convenient option. But many people tend to confuse the two or think of them as one and the same thing. However, there are some basic differences between wallpaper and wall coverings, which we will try to break down in this blog. Keep reading on.

First things first, what are wall coverings? How is it different from wallpapers?

Think of wall coverings as the industrial or commercial counterpart of regular wallpapers. For the most part, wallpapers are widely used in homes as an alternative to paint as they are affordable, easy to change, and can be customised. Wallpapers have been around since the 16th century and are an important thread in the tapestry of interior decoration. They are generally easy to self-install and can instantly perk up the facade of your home walls.

Wall coverings initially started as a film or a protective layer to keep wallpapers from getting worn and torn. But now it has morphed itself into a viable alternative to delicate paper wallpapers. Wallpaper coverings are made from vinyl, wood (veneer), cork, glass fibre, and even dry erase. Ever since the 1970s, wall coverings have been installed in commercial spaces that can stand strong against the test of highly crowded or populated interior spaces such as hotel lobby, corridors, hotel suites, and airports. Such spaces are more susceptible to daily wear and tear due to frequent contact with people or objects. Hence, it only makes sense to use wall-covering wallpapers that require less maintenance and run for a longer period of time.

Why use Wall Coverings?

Designer Beautiful Peacock Sitting on circle Wallpaper

Investment in the interior decor of commercial spaces ought to be meticulously done. Going for paint or cheap paper wallpapers might not give off a good impression. As mentioned above, the constant scuffing, chipping, scratching, and scraping your walls might have to endure would add to the maintenance cost. Plus, it will also take up a huge chunk of time, money, and effort that could be used to do something much more productive. By using wallcoverings, you can avoid all that hassle. With customizable wall covering options, you may incorporate your brand motto or tagline into your walls. Wall coverings ensure both high-grade durability and aesthetics, if chosen wisely.

Are wall coverings only for commercial purposes?

Simply put, no. Wall coverings are not only dedicated to protecting the walls of commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants, lobbies, etc. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners who are seeking long-term solutions for their wall decor. Those looking for chic, sophisticated, and luxe decor ideas are also opting for wall coverings. You can check out SNG Royal’s eco-friendly, colourful, and bold wall covering designs, which not only promise durability but also add durability. And if you’re wondering, where can I get wallcovering installed? The answer is that, apart from the high-intensity area, you can install them at entrances, hallways, kids’ rooms, etc. You can also get them installed in a sumptuous area of your home, such as the dining area, the lounge area, or a personal home theatre room.

Wall Covering Modern Wallpaper Designs

Wall coverings look best in the muted tones of beige, slate, onyx, maroon, and brown. However, home decor is all about personalising and bringing forth your ideas and imagination on the walls. Therefore, you may select from our wonderful assortment of wall coverings that will give your commercial space an elevated aesthetic while being eco-friendly.

Benefits of Wall Coverings over Wallpapers

  • Wall coverings are strong, sturdy, and much more durable than paper wallpapers.
  • Wall coverings can be easily customised to a buyer’s needs and preferences.
  • Wall covering can minimise the noise and sounds, making your room somewhat soundproof.
  • They can add depth and texture to the interiors of your walls.
  • Wall coverings make your walls look luxurious, chic, and sophisticated.
  • Once installed correctly, they can last for years.

Wallpaper vs Wall covering: A Comparison

Feature Wallpaper Wall covering
Commonly made from: Paper, vinyl Fabric, Vinyl, Natural Materials (like grasscloth, veneer)
Installation: Adhesive paste required Often peel and stick or adhesive paste is required.
Best suitable for: Living rooms, bedrooms, low moisture areas. High traffic area, commercial spaces, kids room, damp spaces.
How to clean: Wipe with damp cloth (depending on type) Wipe, scrub or vacuum (depending on material)
Durability: Low to Moderate High (especially commercial-grade coverings)
Maintenance: High; may feed or pale away over time Low; due to less wear and tear
Approx cost in INR: ₹300 – ₹5,000 per roll ₹3,000 – ₹15,000 per roll (varies by material and brand)

Note: The costs are approximations and can vary based on the customisation, quality, design, and other factors. Always consult with a wallpaper vendor for precise figures.

Are you looking for wall coverings or wallpapers for office spaces or residential spaces? Check out our extensive collection of wallpapers for walls and add a flair of luxury and aesthetics to your living spaces. SNG royal offers free delivery, free installation and free paste. Connect with us today and get all your queries regarding wallpapers answered.


Psychology of Colours: How Wallpaper Colours can Influence Mood

Colours can have a huge impact on mood and behaviour and might even have some influence on our decisions. This is exactly what the psychology of colours talks about: how colours can affect our mood and emotions. The study of colours is based on the notion that each colour has its own frequency and wavelength, which may produce different psychological effects. Therefore, the application of colours in our surroundings is important to look at. Especially when we are decorating our interiors for home, offices, or any other dwelling space.

When it comes to wallpaper, choosing the right wallpaper colour is a key element in elevating the vibe and aesthetic of a particular room. The colours you select may have a huge impact on the mood of your living space. For instance, warm colours like red and orange can promote a feeling of excitement and vitality. whereas calming tones such as white, light blue, and pastel pink may bring in more serene, pure, and poised energies.

Let’s take a look at how different wallpaper colours may influence your mood and what room they will be suitable for:

Red Wallpaper

Red is the first colour in the rainbow and is universally used to indicate excitement, thrill, passion, and zeal. It also has the highest scattering capacity, which is why red is recognised from faraway distances. The red-coloured wallpaper can be used in rooms where you wish to create a more stimulating environment, such as a home office, a gym, a dance studio, or a living room. But please note that, since red is a warmer colour, excessive use of it may be overbearing for some people. Therefore, it’s necessary to strike a balance between colours. You may use red-coloured wallpaper for an accent wall to grab the attention of the onlooker and balance it with lighter tones such as off-white. You may pick floral wallpaper designs with some white flowers on a red background. In addition, try to incorporate furniture and decor items of a lighter shade to balance out the tones of a particular room.

Suitable for: home office, accent wall for living room or bedroom, gym

Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow has a bright, sunny, and cheerful tone, which may promote feelings of optimism, happiness, and creativity. It is believed that young children are more likely to find yellow attractive than most adults. Yellow wallpaper can be used in living spaces to create a warm, friendly, approachable, and inviting vibe. You can also play with different shades of yellow and go for wallpaper with stripes to create a distinguished look. In many eastern religions, the colour yellow is considered auspicious and heavily used in various cultural ceremonies. You may also play with different designs, prints, and textures by choosing yellow-hued wallpapers for your room. The final choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Suitable for: While looking for wallpapers for the kids room, you may choose yellow-coloured wallpaper. The puja room, study room, and kitchen will also look great with yellow-toned wallpapers.

Orange Wallpaper

Just like red and yellow, orange, too, is a bright and warm colour that adds a layer of exuberance and brightness to a room. It’s a perfect colour that strikes the balance of yellow and red ones. It adds a sense of cheerfulness and enthusiasm to the living space. It can be a good wallpaper for children’s rooms or play areas. The orange tone has the ability to uplift our mood and rejuvenate our senses. It also unleashes a sense of creativity and enables us to be more productive. Orange wallpaper can prove to be versatile in its usage. All you need to do is discern the pattern and prints for orange wallpapers, and you’ll be able to create a zesty space for yourself.

Suitable for: The versatility of orange wallpaper makes it suitable for wallpaper in bedrooms, kids rooms, living rooms, dining spaces, etc.

Blue Wallpaper

Blue is a colour that is associated with coolness, stability, and serenity. It evokes a feeling of calmness and security. It is important to note that the light hues of blue, such as turquoise, azure, teal, etc., may add a layer of tranquillity and amusement. It may give you a sense of the calming waters of an ocean or a stretch of clear blue sky. whereas darker tones of blue such as indigo, navy blue, and midnight blue may add a royal touch, making it a perfect selection for many living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Blue is a colour that can be both vibrant and calming and can be used more effectively than other shades.

Suitable for: Blue wallpaper can be an excellent choice for office space, an accent wall for bedrooms, a living room, or a meditation or yoga room.

Green Wallpaper

Green is a colour that evokes rest, comfort, and hope. It is also a colour that is often linked with nature and peace. Therefore, it’s a good choice to use green in places to calm your nerves, unwind yourself, and align your energies. It is no surprise that artists and entertainers often use the “Green Room” to wait for their turns or to simply relax before going on stage and performing. If you have a large living space and want to give it a dramatic yet sophisticated look, you may opt for darker green tones. The darker colour will eliminate the negative (empty space) and make the room size equitable. On the other hand, if you have a relatively smaller space, then going for lighter green-toned wallpapers might enhance the space.

You can also choose tropical-themed wallpaper while looking for shades of green in a wallpaper collection.

Suitable for: study room, living room, kitchen, bathrooms

White Wallpaper

In most cultures, the colour white symbolises purity and peace. It is also associated with cleanliness and simplicity. White wallpaper can make any cramped space look bigger. White-toned wallpapers are also a great choice for using them besides any darker-shaded wallpaper. It is a pretty versatile colour and can be incorporated into any room, especially smaller rooms, to create the illusion of space. It will also work great as a minimalistic wallpaper for those looking to create a calm and minimalist space. Furthermore, it serves as a perfect background for colourful accents, ornamental mirrors, and decor items. You can also plant some natural indoor plants to create a sense of serenity and nature in your living space.

Suitable for: All rooms.

Pink Wallpaper

Pink wallpapers often get boxed into the category of wallpaper for girls and are often viewed as an intrinsically feminine colour. However, it can be used as an extremely refreshing and multifaceted wallpaper. The shades of pastel pink can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Whereas darker shades of pink, such as hot pink, are quite ravishing and can add that missing touch of glamour to any room. You can work with your wallpaper vendor to get a customised wallpaper that incorporates dual tones of pink in a single wallpaper. Pink is also a great choice if you’re looking for some romantic wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Suitable for: Bedroom, Kids room, Make Up Studio, Salons, Boutiques

Here are some additional tips if you are looking for coloured wallpaper for walls:

  • Opt for lighter tones in small spaces to make them appear larger.
  • Choose dark colours in large rooms to create a more intimate vibe.
  • Use lighter colours, such as off-white and pastel blue, if you live in hotter temperatures.
  • Use contrasting colours together to create a mature, sophisticated, and dramatic look.
  • You may work with a designer to put together complementary colours such as orange and beige to create a sense of balance.

To wrap it up, the choice of wallpaper colours can make or break the vibe of your room and may have a deep impact on your psychological well-being. It is crucial to select a colour that enhances harmony in your home. At the same time, always choose what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. And measure all your options before making the final decision about buying wallpaper.


Sprucing Up Your Space: Wallpaper Ideas for the New Homeowners

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey as a new homeowner! It’s time to transform your house into a home that reflects your personal flair. Wallpapers are a fabulous way to infuse character into your space, making it a true reflection of your style.

Why Wallpaper is the Talk of the Town?

Gone are the days when paint was the only way to deck up walls. The charm of wallpaper designs has grown manifold, with many homeowners leaning into its aesthetics to complement their interiors. But diving into the world of wallpapers can be a tad overwhelming. Fret not! Whether you’re teaming up with a professional interior designer or taking the DIY route, we’ve got your back. Dive into our treasure trove of insights to guide you on this exhilarating journey.

Making the Right Choice with SNG Royal

We understand that deciding on the perfect wallpaper is a mix of excitement and a wee bit of pressure. But here’s a silver lining: with every swift delivery from SNG Royal, you receive complimentary wallpaper installation! So, all you need to focus on is picking a design that resonates with you.

Wallpaper Wonders: Tailored to Each Room

Wallpapers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The key lies in harmonising the wallpaper’s vibe with the purpose and ambiance of each room.

Blissful Bedrooms: Opt for bedroom wallpaper designs that exude tranquillity. Soft hues or subtle patterns can usher in a peaceful aura, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Lively Living Areas: Choose wallpaper for the living room with patterns that are conversation starters. Be it bold accent walls or intricate designs, let your living room wallpaper tell a story.

Kids Kingdom: Let your child’s room be a canvas of imagination. From vibrant colours to quirky patterns, there’s no limit to creativity here.

From audacious to understated, from classic to avant-garde, the world of wallpapers offers endless possibilities. Each design can set a unique mood, turning each room into a distinct masterpiece. And with the plethora of options at your fingertips, curating the perfect ambience for your new abode is a delightful breeze.

The Ultimate Wallpaper Guide: Making Every Room Speak Volumes

The Living Room: Make a Statement as They Step In

The living room often acts as the face of your home. It’s not just a space to recline and recharge but also a welcoming portal for your guests. When it comes to picking the right wallpaper for living room, aligning it with an overarching theme works wonders.

Theme Centric: If you’re swaying towards a minimalistic decor style, then let the walls reflect that. Delicate, minimalist wallpapers can lend an air of sophistication.

Function Meets Fashion: Depending on the function and vibe of your living room, tailor your wallpaper choice. A lavish 3D wallpaper design might serve as a great conversation starter, while a timeless floral pattern can create a soothing aura.

The Bedroom: Your Personal Sanctuary

A third of your life is spent in your bedroom. So, doesn’t it deserve some special attention?

Colours of Calm: Embrace muted shades like soft oranges or pinks. Pastel tones with minimalist designs can transport you into a realm of peace.

Contrast & Cohesion: Consider juxtaposing your wallpaper colour with bedroom furnishings. It lends depth and draws the eye.

Evolving Spaces: Love variety? Removable wallpapers for bedrooms offer the flexibility of changing up the decor as your mood and preferences evolve.

The Kitchen: Where Culinary Magic Happens

The kitchen, a space where you concoct delightful dishes, also deserves a dash of design drama.

Beyond Tiles: Unlike tiles, wallpapers offer a plethora of designs and easy switch-outs. Tiles? They’re a relic of yesteryears.

Custom Creations: Celebrate your culinary journey with customised wallpapers. Quotes, images of kitchenware, or even a nod to your culinary idol can spice up the decor.

Simplistic Sophistication: Sometimes, less is more. Geometric or abstract patterns offer a clean, modern vibe to the kitchen backdrop.

Kids’ Room: Whimsical & Endearing Designs

Every child’s room should be an enchanting playground of dreams and imagination. Dive into our treasure chest of wallpapers for the kids room tailored just for these precious spaces.

Storybook Splendour: From galaxies far away to Disney fairy tales, and from adorable animals to the vastness of the solar system, the possibilities are endless.

Child’s Play: Involve your little one in the process. Listen to their tales of fancy and weave them into the room’s decor. Watch as your child’s face lights up, stepping into a realm spun from their dreams.

Serenity with Buddha Wallpapers

Infuse spaces with tranquillity and the timeless wisdom of Buddha with our exclusive wallpaper collection.

Spaces of Calm: Whether it’s the living room, your study nook or a dedicated meditation zone, the Buddha wallpaper adds depth and serenity.

Diverse Designs: Choose from the 3D Buddha silhouettes, floral motifs surrounding the divine figure, and many more. Browse through SNG Royal’s collection to find your perfect match.

Transforming Bathrooms into Luxurious Lounges

The bathroom isn’t just a utilitarian space; it’s a personal haven, and its walls should reflect that.

Beyond Tiles: Step away from the mundane. Explore waterproof wallpapers that blend functionality with aesthetics.

Expanding Horizons: Play with patterns! From chic geometric designs to lush tropical motifs, there’s a design to transport you. Especially, our 3D wallpaper designs can visually amplify smaller bathrooms, adding a touch of luxury.

Customised Care: Have a vision? We’re here to realise it. For a personalised touch, reach out and let’s craft your dream bathroom together.

In the end, wallpapers are more than decor; they’re emotions, stories, and reflections of who you are. Every room has a narrative waiting to be told, and we’re here to help you script it beautifully.

Inspiration Wall

The Benefits and Uses of Waterproof Wallpaper for Your Home

Explore the wonderful world of waterproof wallpapers, the stylish solution to protecting your walls and transforming your home. From practicality to aesthetic appeal, find out all you need to know in this handy guide.

What is Waterproof Wallpaper?

Designer Beautiful Peacock Sitting on circle Wallpaper

Waterproof wallpaper might sound straightforward, but the innovation and technology behind it are more intricate than you’d think. Essentially, it’s wallpaper with a specially designed waterproof coating. This can either be a modern adhesive compound or a durable vinyl layer, specifically designed to repel moisture and protect your walls from water damage. The result? A wallcovering that is not just stylish but also saves your walls from the ravages of damp and moisture.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Wallpaper in High-Moisture Areas

  1. Easy to clean: Waterproof wallpaper is a breeze to keep clean. Forget the arduous task of scrubbing grout lines on tiles – with waterproof bathroom wallpaper, a simple wipe down is often all that’s required.
  2. Creativity and versatility: Transform your bathroom or kitchen with fresh new designs whenever the mood takes you. The extensive array of waterproof kitchen wallpaper and waterproof bathroom wall covers designs and patterns available online means you can keep updating your interiors with ease.
  3. Simple installation: Waterproof wallpaper is designed to withstand even the dampest areas of your bathroom or kitchen, so you’re not limited by where you can use it.

Elevating Your Interior Design with Stylish and Functional Waterproof Wallpaper

  1. Create a stunning feature wall: Waterproof wallpapers are not just practical, but also incredibly stylish. They can easily turn any dull bathroom or kitchen wall into a beautiful feature wall that grabs attention.
  2. Cover imperfections: Waterproof wallpaper with patterns and textures can effectively camouflage wall imperfections, cracks, or lines, instantly upgrading the overall look of the room.
  3. Half and half design: Fancy a bit of tile work along with wallpaper? No problem! Consider the popular half-wall style. The bottom half of the wall can be tiled, with the top half adorned with your chosen waterproof wallpaper design.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Weatherproof and Long-lasting Wallpaper

Designer Beautiful Circular Blocks with Butterfly

Believe it or not, waterproof wallpaper is a fantastic option for outdoor spaces too. Designed to be fade-resistant and weatherproof, they are ideal for livening up garden walls, patios, or even an outdoor kitchen.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Waterproof Wallpaper

Cleaning and maintaining your wallpapers can add years to its lifespan. Here are some tips you can easily follow:

  • Most waterproof wallpapers can be cleaned easily with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Rinse the wallpaper with a clean sponge after washing and dry it with a lint-free cloth to keep it looking as good as new.
  • For stubborn stains, you can use a dry cleaning sponge or try home-made cleaning solutions like a mix of cornstarch and water.

For more such tips, also read: 5 tips for caring for and maintaining your wallpaper at home

Adding Life to Your Spaces with Waterproof Wallpaper

Waterproof wallpaper isn’t restricted to just kitchens and bathrooms – the possibilities are endless. You can use it to spruce up your laundry room, basement, or even your outdoor spaces. Areas of your home that are prone to high humidity or potential water damage can greatly benefit from waterproof wallpaper.

  • Laundry Area: Laundry area is often overlooked when it comes to design. With the various styles of waterproof wallpaper available, you can bring this space to life, all the while protecting your walls from moisture and dampness.
  • Basement: Basements often face issues of dampness and lack of light. Opt for a waterproof wallpaper in a bright and cheerful design to help combat these issues and create an inviting space.
  • Kitchen: Waterproof wallpaper can transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s a practical choice given the high moisture environment. Moreover, it can withstand cooking splashes and still be easy to clean, all while providing a stylish backdrop.
  • Bathroom: The humid conditions in a bathroom are an open invitation for dampness and mould. Waterproof wallpaper can effectively combat these issues, offering a wide range of styles to turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.
  • Exterior Walls: Believe it or not, wallpaper for exterior walls do exist and the use of such wallpapers is not limited to the indoors. Some types are suitable for exterior walls, offering a unique, weather-resistant, and aesthetic solution for outdoor spaces.

Trendy Waterproof Wallpaper Designs for Your Home

  • Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns never go out of style. They add a contemporary vibe to any space and come in a variety of colours to match your decor.
  • Floral Prints: Floral wall coverings are a timeless classic. They can add a touch of nature and freshness to your room. From delicate floral patterns for a subtle touch to big, bold prints for a statement piece, the choices are endless.
  • Textured Wallpaper: Add depth and interest to your walls with textured waterproof wallpaper. From brick and stone effects to raised geometric patterns, textured wallpaper adds a unique touch to your interiors.
  • Metallic Wallpaper: Add a touch of luxe to your space with metallic wallpaper. These come in various designs and add a touch of glamour to any room.
  • Thematic Designs: Thematic designs, like nautical or botanical prints, are perfect for creating a specific atmosphere in a room. They can help establish a cohesive interior design theme.


Choosing wallpaper for your home is not just a practical move, but an aesthetic one too.There are many options such as customised wallpapers, 3D wallpapers etc. A good choice of wallpaper can combine style, versatility, and durability in one easy-to-install package, offering a fantastic solution for those wanting to keep their homes fresh and stylish without constant maintenance. So, why not take the plunge and consider installing waterproof wallpaper in your home today?


Can waterproof wallpaper be used in a bathroom?

Absolutely! Waterproof wallpaper is ideal for use in bathrooms or any high-moisture areas in your home due to its moisture-repelling properties.

How long does waterproof wallpaper last?

With proper care and maintenance, waterproof wallpaper can last for several years. It is designed to withstand high-humidity environments, making it a durable option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can you clean waterproof wallpaper?

Yes, waterproof wallpaper can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent and warm water. For tougher stains, a dry cleaning sponge can be used.

Is waterproof wallpaper expensive to install?

The cost of installation can vary depending on the type of wallpaper and the size of the area, but generally, it is considered a cost-effective home improvement solution compared to tiling or repainting.

Can I use waterproof wallpaper outdoors?

Yes, certain types of waterproof wallpapers are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are fade-resistant, weatherproof and can add a vibrant touch to your outdoor spaces.

Does waterproof wallpaper come in different designs and patterns?

Definitely! There are numerous designs and patterns available, ranging from abstract and geometric to floral and thematic designs, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your space.

What is the average price of waterproof wallpaper?

The price of waterproof wallpaper depends on the quality and size of wallpaper being installed. However, the average rate of waterproof wallpaper could be anywhere from ₹45/Sq ft to ₹ 100/Sq ft.

Inspiration Wall

Wallpaper Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home Office

The global transition towards remote working or hybrid models has spotlighted the importance of maintaining an inspiring and productive home office space. It’s undeniable that our surroundings profoundly influence our mood and productivity levels, transforming even the most tedious tasks into enjoyable ones. When it comes to enhancing your work environment, what could be more appealing than embracing the charm and versatility of wallpapers?

Unlike their conventional office counterparts, home offices offer ample scope for personalization in terms of aesthetics and interior design. Infusing your workspace with tastefully chosen wallpaper designs not only enhances your home office’s visual appeal but also adds a unique touch reflecting your personal style. A well-curated workspace could be your secret to turning your professional aspirations into reality.

Discover why incorporating wallpapers can elevate your home office experience and explore diverse wallpaper designs to find your perfect match.

Why Should You Choose Wallpapers for Your Home Office?

A thoughtfully decorated home office positively impacts your productivity, mood, and overall wellness. Here’s how wallpapers can help you achieve this:

Boost Motivation: Immerse yourself in an inspiring workspace infused with stunning wallpaper designs for the office. These visually captivating patterns and colors can foster a positive and motivational environment, encouraging focus and innovation.

Reflect Your Personal Style: Tailoring your workspace to your unique style creates a space that feels authentically yours. Explore the option of customized wallpaper designs and imbue your personality into your home office decor.

Enhance Productivity: Aesthetic and visually stimulating interiors can significantly improve productivity levels. Striking the right balance with wallpaper designs can instill a sense of order, purpose, and calm, helping you stay focused on your goals.

Create a Dedicated Space: Differentiating your workspace from your home’s living areas is crucial to maintaining work-life balance. Inspirational wallpaper designs visually demarcate your office space, facilitating a seamless transition into a productivity-oriented mindset.

Revamp Your Home Office with Wallpaper Designs

When considering wallpaper options for your home office, you’ll find a vast array of designs tailored to every style and preference:

Natured-inspired Designs: Introduce a touch of nature design wallpapers into your workspace with wallpapers featuring botanical motifs or delicate floral patterns. Soft shades of green and blue create a serene atmosphere, fostering relaxation and focus. Many studies suggest that blue promotes the highest level of productivity and well being in a workplace.

Minimalistic Design Wallpapers: If you’re a fan of clutter-free spaces, opt for minimalistic wallpaper designs. Subtle textures, clean lines, and light hues offer a tranquil backdrop that aids concentration.

Bold and Vibrant Designs: If large patterns and vibrant designs do not intimidate you, infuse your workspace with energy and creativity through bold and vibrant wallpaper designs. Bright geometric patterns and abstract art invigorate your senses and inspire innovation.

Sophisticated Simplicity: Create a refined and understated home office with wallpapers showcasing sophisticated patterns and textures. Metallic accents, gentle stripes, or subtle damask designs paired with neutral hues convey sophistication without overpowering your workspace.

Abstract Wallpapers: Foster your creative flow by selecting abstract wallpapers featuring abstract art, watercolor strokes, or expressive brushwork. These designs will not only inspire creativity but also add a unique flair to your workspace.

Timeless Classic Motifs: Classic wallpaper patterns remain evergreen. Opt for timeless motifs like herringbone, damask, tropical or toile (textile fabric), pairing them with deep colors like navy blue or emerald green for a refined look.

Inspiring Typography: Motivate yourself with typography wallpaper designs featuring uplifting quotes or mantras. The fusion of visually appealing typography with empowering messages boosts motivation throughout the day.

Customized Wallpaper Designs: If you have a specific design pattern which you want to bring alive for your office space, go for customized wallpapers and create a work space which truly reflects your style.

Tips to Wallpaper in a Small Home Office/Study Space

If your home office or study room is small, then implementing wallpaper effectively in a small home office involves a strategic approach. Here is how you can do it.

Light and Airy Designs: Choose light-colored wallpapers with open designs to create an illusion of spaciousness. Subtle patterns and pastel colors can make your compact office feel larger and more inviting. Whereas embolden patterns can do the opposite, making the small space look even more cramped up.

Vertical Stripes: The easiest option is to use classic striped wallpapers. Vertical striped wallpapers visually elongate your walls, making the room appear taller and more spacious.

Mirror Effect: Wallpapers with reflective or metallic accents amplify natural light, making your small office feel brighter and larger.

Wallpapered Nook: Transform a small nook into a stylish workspace by wallpapering just that area. A captivating wallpaper design will differentiate the nook, creating a focal point within the limited space.

Strategic Placement: Do consider applying wallpaper to a single accent wall in a small home office. This approach creates a bold statement without overwhelming the space.

The Bottom Line

Selecting wallpaper for your home office extends beyond mere aesthetic appeal; it’s about choosing designs that resonate with your style and stimulate productivity. Experiment with various patterns, colors, and textures until you find the perfect blend that motivates and inspires you. Whether you lean towards geometric brilliance or nature’s tranquility, the choice is truly infinite.

Remember that while a busy or complex wallpaper pattern might be eye-catching to some, it could be distracting to others. Your personal preference plays a crucial role in making the right choice. Armed with the transformative power of wallpaper, your home office can be a haven for creativity and professional success.


Q: Can I apply wallpaper in my home office if I rent the space?

A: Absolutely! Many wallpapers are removable, leaving no residue or damage. Look for peel-and-stick options for easy installation and removal.

Q: How do I choose a wallpaper that complements my existing furniture and decor?

A: Align your wallpaper selection with the color palette and style of your current decor. Aim for a design that harmonizes with these elements or offers a pleasing contrast.

Q: Can wallpaper enhance productivity in a home office?

A: Yes, the right wallpaper can positively impact your mood and motivation, fostering a conducive work environment.

Q: What are some maintenance tips for wallpaper in a home office?

A: Avoid installing wallpaper near areas prone to moisture or humidity. Regularly dust and gently clean your wallpaper with a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution.

Q: Can I mix different wallpaper designs in my home office?

A: Mixing wallpaper designs can add depth and character to your workspace. Ensure that the combination complements the overall aesthetic of your work space.

Q: Can wallpaper contribute to a professional atmosphere in a home office?

A: Opting for sophisticated and elegant wallpaper designs can significantly elevate your home office’s ambiance, creating a polished and professional atmosphere.


Expanding Your Space: Genius Wallpaper Hacks for Small Rooms

Embark on an adventure to revolutionise your small spaces with these innovative and practical wallpaper tips. “Expanding Your Space: Genius Wallpaper Hacks for Small Rooms” serves as your comprehensive guide to transforming compact corners into chic and visually appealing havens. From choosing the perfect wallpaper to using patterns for a sense of depth, learn to make your cosy nooks feel significantly more spacious and inviting.


The art of decorating small spaces lies in attention to detail. Every element, from the furniture layout to the colour palette, plays a pivotal role in either enhancing or restricting the room’s perceived size. Wallpaper, when chosen thoughtfully and applied strategically, can be a game changer for small space design. Let’s delve into how to utilise wallpaper to craft a stunning visual impact, making the most of every square inch.

Spruce Up Walls with Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper designs possess the power to radically revamp a room by introducing depth, texture, and personality. But, when dealing with small spaces, adhering to certain design principles is key to prevent visual clutter. Join us as we navigate the world of wallpaper and unravel its potential in amplifying small rooms with 3D wallpaper for walls and customized wallpapers.

Prioritise Light and Neutral Hues

Light and neutral colours work like a charm in visually expanding a confined space like a bedroom. Select wallpaper for bedroom walls with shades like soft pastels, cool greys, or warm neutrals for your compact rooms. These colours bounce light, fostering an open and airy vibe, and create an illusion of a larger space.

Leverage Vertical Patterns

Geometric Triangle Deer Head

Vertical patterns act as a boon for smaller rooms, crafting an illusion of height by drawing eyes upward. Opt for wallpapers with vertical stripes or motifs to infuse a sense of loftiness to your compact spaces. You can also go for customized wallpapers to incorporate your own design ideas.

Play with Depth through Wallpaper Designs

3D Green Peacock Background Mural

Numerous wallpaper designs leverage realistic imagery to craft optical illusions, working wonders in compact spaces. Opt for wallpapers with designs like landscapes, bookshelves, or faux large windows to instil a sense of depth and make the room feel spacious. You can look for 3D designer wallpaper for your space to make it look embolden.

Welcome Large-Scale Patterns

Simple Watercolor Feather Wall Mural

Contrary to the common belief, small spaces can carry off large-scale patterns pretty well. These patterns can add an element of drama and interest to a small room. Consider bold floral prints, geometric designs, or oversized motifs to infuse your small room with character. These designs are not only attention grabbing but also look visually stunning in a room.

Use Wallpaper as a Focal Point

Forest Deer Living Room Wallpaper

A distinct focal point that draws attention and anchors the space is vital in a small room. Wallpaper can perfectly fit this role. Select an enticing pattern or unique texture for a single wall, crafting an eye-catching feature wall that diverts attention from the room’s limited dimensions.

Experiment with Textured Wallpaper

Silk Deer Living Room Wallaper

Texture is a wonderful strategy to add depth and dimension to a small room. Consider textured wallpapers like grasscloth, faux brick, or embossed designs. Not only do these wallpapers add visual charm, but they also create a tactile experience, making the room feel snug and inviting. Don’t hesitate to incorporate your ideas with a customized wallpaper.

Keep it Simple with White or Ivory Wallpaper

If simplicity is more your style and you prefer avoiding anything too dramatic, white or ivory wallpapers for small rooms are an excellent choice. Minimalist white wallpapers can conjure up an illusion of a larger space. While dark wallpapers can make a room feel smaller and are better suited for large rooms, a small room craving depth will benefit greatly from a light-hued wallpaper.


Remodelling a small room into a stylish and functional sanctuary doesn’t have to be an uphill task. By strategically choosing and applying wallpaper, coupled with some design principles, you can elevate your smallroom’s potential. Embrace light and neutral hues, utilise vertical patterns, play with depth using striped wallpaper, and position wallpaper as a focal point. Don’t forget to consider the scale and texture of the wallpaper for additional depth and dimension. With these genius wallpaper hacks, you’ll transform your limited space into a visually arresting oasis that defies its dimensions. So, channel your creativity and let your small room radiate with Expanding Your Space: Genius Wallpaper Hacks for Small Rooms!

FAQs on Wallpapering Small Spaces

Q1: Is dark-coloured wallpaper a good fit for a small room?

A: Dark colours, while dramatic, can absorb light and make a room feel smaller. It’s generally best to lean towards light and neutral hues for small spaces.

Q2: Should all the walls in a small room be wallpapered?

A: Covering all the walls with wallpaper in a small room can risk visual overwhelm. Instead, accentuate a single wall with wallpaper to establish a striking focal point.

Q3: Can wallpaper help a low ceiling appear higher?

A: Absolutely, vertical patterns or stripes on wallpaper can generate the illusion of a higher ceiling, lending a more spacious feel to the room.

Q4: How to choose the right scale of pattern for my small room?

A: In selecting wallpaper patterns for small rooms, bear in mind the room’s scale and furniture size. Larger patterns can be effective in small spaces, provided they don’t dominate the room.

Q5: Can I blend different wallpapers in a small room?

A: Yes, mixing and matching wallpapers can add visual intrigue. Just ensure the patterns and colours harmonise with each other for a cohesive look.

Q6: Is removable wallpaper a viable option for small rooms?

A: Absolutely! Removable wallpaper is a fantastic option for small rooms, offering the freedom to trial different styles and patterns without long-term commitment.


Wallpaper inspirations from celebrities and interior designers

India is known for its vibrant, diverse and colourful culture, which is reflected in the use of wallpaper in Indian homes. Indian celebrities and interior designers often use bold and intricate patterns, as well as bright and bold colours, to add character and personality to their luxurious living spaces.

You can check our Customized wallpaper .

Do you want to take wallpaper inspiration from Indian celebs and Interior designers? Read on.

  1. One celebrity known for her bold and colourful wallpaper choices is Bollywood actress and interior designer Twinkle Khanna. In her Mumbai home, Khanna used bright red and gold wallpaper in the living room to create a dramatic and opulent atmosphere. She also used a colourful and intricate paisley (an ornamental design) pattern in the bedroom to add a touch of whimsy to the space.
  2. Interior designer Sussanne Khan is another fan of using wallpaper to add interest and personality to a room. In a project for actor Hrithik Roshan, Khan used a bold black-and-white geometric pattern in the living room to create a contemporary and chic look. She also used colourful floral wallpaper in the dining room to add a touch of femininity and playfulness.
  3. Actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor indeed has a unique eye for all things glamorous, whether it’s her sartorial choices on the red carpet or selecting gorgeous wallpapers for her home interiors. Kapoor has played with different wallpapers designs in her luxurious Notting Hill home. In her dining room, she incorporated the hand painted tropical de Gournay wallpaper. In addition, Kapoor used a muted yellow tone with prints inspired by feminine floral patterns and the Savannah for her living room. So if you love glamorous and antique looks, draw inspiration from Sonam Kapoor’s style and choose wallpapers with the above-mentioned details.
  4. Another Indian celebrity to draw wallpaper inspiration is none other than Deepika Padukone. Known for her graceful and sophisticated style, try using wallpapers with bold floral or geometric print in shades of blue and orange, like some of her sartorial choices she has been seen wearing. In her new Mumbai home, she incorporated wallpapers reflecting her style. She used off-white wallpaper with big and bold indigo floral prints in a pale colour tone. The wallpaper gives out a simple yet chic and classic look. It will also look suitable in small rooms. So feel free to draw inspiration from her wallpaper choices’.
  5. Last but not least, you can draw inspiration from actor Shah Rukh Khan’s Delhi home designed by Interior designer and spouse Gauri Khan. If you’re a fan of the classic, suave style, wallpaper with a subtle stripe in a neutral colour palette would be a great choice. It will also suit your taste if you like minimalist trends. Gauri Khan used subtle designs in the wallpaper patterns, using beige stripes on an almost nude off-white colour pattern.

We hope you got an idea of what wallpaper designs celebrities and interior designers use to give their home interiors a sophisticated, chic, and classic look.

Indian celebrities and interior designers often use wallpapers as a way to add finesse to their homes. Of course, you can also give a twist to the above ideas and your own ideas, but make sure to create a coherent visual spectacle for the interiors of your home and office.


Accent Wall ideas for Bedroom

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall, also known as the primary wall, highlights a specific colour, texture, design or materials, making it stand out from the rest of the walls. The primary purpose of having an accent wall is to draw attention, enhance the aesthetic and make a room pop out without entirely redecorating it.

An accent wall can be featured in any room, be it – a living room, bedroom, study room, kid’s room, and office. It allows the homeowner to play with colours and designs and execute their creative idea in home décor.

The easiest way to turn around the basic look of a bedroom interior is to feature an accent wall. They are a huge trend right now and instantly accentuate the visual appeal of your room. In addition, it adds an inevitable drama and flair to the interior décor of your room.

Choosing the best accent wall for your bedroom is equally important. Choose a wall which is the key point of your bedroom. When it comes to the bedroom, most people spontaneously select the wall behind the bed’s head. But it doesn’t have to be that way; you can choose a wall with windows or a statement piece. The call is entirely yours to take.

In this article, you will learn about accent wall ideas for bedrooms.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to accent wall ideas. For example, you can select classic paint options or put ethereal wallpaper on the accent wall. If budget is not an issue, try stone, wood or fabric wall panels. Texturing and stencilling are also some fantastic options to consider.

Let’s look at them in detail:

Wall Decals

Wall decals are decorative wall stickers that are easy to use, apply and remove. They are cost-effective and make your accent wall pop up in no time. You can choose a floral design, vines, or calligraphic text to highlight your accent walls. Wall decals do not damage the walls; they come off quickly when applying heat and last anywhere between 2 to 3 years. They are cost-effective and come in a variety of shapes and graphics. They are ideal for anyone who wants to change the décor of their accent wall according to new themes and moods.

The price range of wall decals depends upon the brand, quality and quantity. However, an average wall decal starts from ₹149/- and goes up to ₹599/-


The practical and easiest way to do an accent wall is to put up a wallpaper of your choice. If you are a beginner and want to experiment, go for simple paper wallpapers with attractive prints and designs. The rest of the walls in your bedroom can be of a neutral shade. These days floral prints, elaborate designs, graphic/geometric prints and 3-D wallpapers are some trending wallpaper bedroom designs. Wallpapers provide a higher degree of flexibility in room décor. See for yourself what suits your taste best and pick accordingly.

The average price bracket for wallpapers could be around ₹30 to ₹3000 per sq. ft., depending on the material, quality and design.

Monochromatic solid colour

If you are a fan of simplicity yet want to make your bedroom look stand out, go for the accent wall with bright colour and keep the adjacent wall in a light colour. For instance, Viva Magenta has been chosen as the colour of 2023 by Pantone. You can select this bright, pulsating colour for your accent wall and contrast them with hues of white or off-white to make your room look pop out. Shades of blue, green, tangerine, coral pink and lavender look exquisite. You can also paint a geometric shape on your accent wall to give it a unique design.

The average cost of painting an accent wall could be around ₹80 to ₹200 per square ft. But this is subject to change depending upon the cost of labour, the quality and kind of paint and whether you live in Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities.

Ornamental mirror or a statement piece

You can also choose a statement art piece which can be bold, graphic and artistic for your accent wall. The primary purpose is to make that bedroom stand out. And the most significant advantage of that is their installation is straightforward, and it hardly consumes any time. You can also consider putting room mirrors that are available in various shapes and sizes. These beautiful wall mirrors also catch eyeballs and make your bedroom stunningly beautiful.

The average cost of room wall mirrors can be around ₹800 to ₹22,000. It depends on the mirror frames’ material, style, and embellishments.

Fabric Panels

Covering your walls with fabric panels and padding can be costly and time-consuming, but it is definitely worth the effort. It would give a gorgeous and luxurious vibe to your bedroom. If you want to make an accent wall with a fabric panel, it is advisable to go for simple techniques by using light fabric padding and neutral beige, grey, off-white or brown tones. Most people choose the wall behind the bed’s head for installing fabric panels.

The median starting price range of fabric panels can be around ₹300 per square ft.

Texturing Effect

By using the effect of texture on a solid colour accent wall can add a glorious appearance to your room. Choose a bright solid base colour for your wall and add the textured effect using a wet sponge or textured rag. You can also use different techniques like a zigzag pattern or a spherical motion. It will uplift the appearance of your accent wall and add a glorious dimension.

Depending upon the quality and material cost, textured effects on walls can start anywhere from ₹75 per square ft. and go up to ₹250 square ft.

In conclusion, there is no hard and fast rule regarding how an accent wall should look. Instead, you can use your creative expression to make your accent wall stand out. Apart from the abovementioned ideas, you can install floating wooden shelves, ornamental decorations and paintings.

Inspiration Wall

Elevate Your Space with Korean Wallpaper Designs

What is Korean Wallpaper?

Korean wallpaper refers to wallpaper made in or inspired by Korean design styles. Korean design tends to be minimalistic and uses materials which are drawn from nature such as wood and paper, and uses muted tones of beige, white, and grey. Korean wallpaper may also be inclusive of natural symbols and patterns. They are typically handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Korean wallpaper has a rich history and is a popular choice for anyone looking to add a touch of traditional or modern Korean aesthetics to their home.

Let us dive into different types of Korean wallpapers, their average price range and how are they made:

1) Hanji paper wallpaper

Hanji paper is a unique traditional Korean paper made from the interior bark of the mulberry tree. It is completely handmade. The process of making a Hanji wallpaper goes back (57 BCE–668 CE) and involves pounding the bark until it becomes a pulp. The pulp is then flattened, kept in water, dried and turned into a thin sheet. Despite being a light and translucent paper, it has amazing durability due to tightly held fibres. In addition, it has a simple and natural appearance. Hanji wallpaper is used in traditional Korean homes called Hanok. Many people who prefer simple and minimalist styles also use Hanji wallpapers.

The price for one roll of Hanji wallpaper can cost somewhere between INR 2500 to INR 4500.

2) Grasscloth wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpapers were hugely popular in South Korea in the 70s and 80s. They presented a unique look and texture to walls. A grasscloth wallpaper is made from strong and natural fibres such as bamboo, jute, or hemp, and exhibits an earthy and old school look. It is often used in interiors to supplement depth and texture to a room. Grasscloth wallpaper is usually handmade and is praised for its sustainability and eco-friendliness. If you are looking for eco-friendly wallpapers, incorporate grasscloth paper in your room. They give a feeling of natural comfort.

The price of a genuine Grasscloth wallpaper begins from INR 7000/-. They are on the expensive side but there are faux grasscloth wallpaper available in the market at a much cheaper price.

3) Rice paper wallpaper

Rice paper is a thin, translucent sheet that is conventionally used in Korean culture for writing and painting. The material used in making the ‘rice paper’ comes from the inner core of the Tetrapanax Papyriferus tree. It is a non-fibrous material cut from the inner core and divided into thin layers and then dried. Rice paper wallpaper is used to create an Asian concept decor for your homes. It adds delicacy and elegance to your walls.

The average price range of Rice paper wallpaper falls under the bracket of INR 800 to INR 1000.

4) Geometric pattern wallpaper

Korean style wallpaper often infuses geometric patterns, such as circles, squares, and triangles, into its textiles and decor. The material used for geometric pattern wallpaper is always derived from nature such as bamboo or jute. The lines, patterns and shapes incorporated on such handmade wallpaper gives a unique look to the wallpaper. Such wallpapers look great in a study room or office cabin.

The average price range of Geometric pattern wallpaper falls under the bracket of INR 900 to INR 1500.

5) Wallpaper with traditional Korean symbols

Apparently there are “10 symbols of Longevity” in Korean culture depicted in one of the paintings made during the rule of Joseon Dynasty. These ten symbols are the ten elements of nature which includes the sun, clouds, mountains, water, pine trees, turtles, deer, cranes, peaches, and the herb of eternal youth. You may find such recurring motifs on wallpapers as well. Using such wallpapers are a great way to incorporate a touch of history and tradition in your homes.

The average price range of the above mentioned wallpaper is somewhere between INR 1500 to INR 2500.

Among the many available options in the market, Korean wallpapers are beautifully elegant and charming. Offering a vintage vibe to a soft and charming look, Korean wallpapers are here to stay. It is meant for minimalism lovers and people who generally have an affinity towards Korean aesthetics. If you are also looking to bring in some minimalism coupled with elegance into your interior decor, you may want to start exploring Korean wallpapers.