Floral Wallpaper for Walls: Design Ideas and Inspiration

Floral wallpapers for walls are timeless and versatile amongst all types of wallpapers. Not only do they provide an incredible alternative to wall paints, but they also accentuate a personality in your living space. The design on a floral wallpaper can carry a variety of shapes, patterns and colours of flowers, leaves, buds and branches. Wallpaper with flower arrangements is an excellent option for creating a beautiful, pleasant, eye-pleasing design on walls. Depending upon the type of wallpaper you choose for your walls, floral wallpapers can be luxurious, whimsical, romantic, mystical, biophilic, tropical and more. These floral designs tie back to the idea of versatility.

Floral wallpaper designs are not limited to personal spaces. They can also create a sophisticated ambience in various commercial settings. For instance, they can be used in hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, salons, and more, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. In personal spaces, such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, floral wallpapers can transform the atmosphere, making the space more inviting and vibrant. In some cultures, specific flowers hold special meanings, adding a layer of cultural significance to the design.

Types of Floral Wallpaper Designs for Walls

Floral Wallpaper for Accent Walls

Floral Wallpaper for Accent Walls

Bold and dramatic floral prints can give your room an instant facelift. The enlarged patterns of flowers with vibrant hues capture the eye of the onlooker. Considering the overall theme and colour scheme of your room, choose a floral wallpaper that complements it. Floral wallpaper designs with patterns and motifs of lilies, carnations, roses, sunflowers, and daffodils will perk up your wall.

Geometric Floral Wallpaper Design

Geometric Floral Wallpaper Design

Have you ever considered wallpapers featuring geometric patterns and floral designs? If not, you should definitely consider this underrated combination. Geometric floral motifs bring a unique visual harmony to a space without overpowering it. These wallpaper designs are a perfect choice for minimalist lovers, adding a touch of nature to their spaces.

Pastel Floral Wallpaper for Walls

Pastel Floral Wallpaper for Walls

Choose pastel flower wallpapers to create a calming atmosphere in your bedrooms. They introduce a hint of romance and airiness, transforming the feel of your living space. The gentle hues of blooming flowers invoke the spring season, creating a sense of tranquillity in your home. Think of the serene sight of pink flowers against a backdrop of muted yellow, gracing your bedroom’s wall.

Metallic Floral Wallpaper for Walls

Metallic Floral Wallpaper for Walls

An exciting take on floral wallpaper is using metallic floral wallpaper for walls. These wallpaper designs are best suited for those who want to bring luxury and sophistication to their rooms. As the name suggests, metallic floral arrangements appear in the hues of gold, silver, and copper, giving an edge to your wall interiors.

3D Floral Wallpaper for Walls

3D Floral Wallpaper for Walls

3D floral wall design showcases carved appearances on walls. The floral patterns can be embossed depending on the wallpaper material, making them interactive to touch and feel. The 3D wallpaper looks incredible in large spaces, such as a living room, a bedroom with empty space, a hotel lobby, etc. They instantly capture attention and are a good option for creating an accent wall. These 3D designs work well with large and emboldened patterns. You can further select texture, material and colours to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Monochromatic Floral Wall Design

Monochromatic Floral Wall Design

Monochromatic floral wallpapers are available in a single hue or typically in black and white or grayscale. Depending upon your room and personal taste, you can select a bold patterned floral wallpaper or subtle, tiny floral design motifs for your wallpaper walls.

Vintage-Inspired Floral Wallpaper Design

Vintage-Inspired Floral Wallpaper Design

If you want to create nostalgia and call back to an era gone by, try vintage-inspired floral wallpapers. They exude a sense of serenity and calm when combined with the interiors of your room. These wallpapers have intricate patterns of small flowers like cherry blossoms, forget-me-not, lobelia, etc. Most of the wallpapers are available in muted tones, faded pastel shades which adds to their vintage charm. They look best in rooms with traditional decor and statement pieces.

If you have been searching for floral wallpaper designs, contact us at SNG Royal. We offer a vast selection of floral wallpaper that fits your needs. Whether you want to create a modern wall design, nostalgic, playful, bold, or subtle look or a custom look for your living space, we have a floral wallpaper for your needs.


Wallpapers for Walls: Brighten Up Your Room

Do you have any particular space in your house that needs to be brightened up? It could be a living room, a kid’s room, or a bedroom. Whatever the space may be, with wallpaper designs, you can enhance not only the aesthetics of a room but also its visual harmony. And no, you do not have to take the traditional route of wall paint; instead, use wallpaper. In this blog, we’ll share five wallpaper designs that can banish dullness and brighten up your room with the help of wallpapers. Also, some extra tips on furniture and lighting will improve the overall visual harmony of your room.

Here are some wallpaper designs that can take your room from drab to fab.

Butterfly 3D Wall Mural

3D wall mural

The above 3D wallpaper design is not only trendy but also comes in the complementing shades of white and blue. This wallpaper can instantly disperse luminosity in any room, be it a bedroom or living room. You can also use the Butterfly 3D Wall Mural as an accent wallpaper to enhance the focal point of your room. The 3D tunnel like design with bold prints of butterflies gives it a swanky look. This wallpaper would be an ideal choice for maximalist lovers.

Tip: Keep the furniture with this kind of wallpaper light and muted tones in colour. Something like beige, white or offwhite furniture would perfectly go with such wallpapers. When it comes to lighting, try to keep LED white lights instead of yellow ones, especially if your room size is smaller than average.

Magical Cute Fairy Wallpaper for Girls Room

Best Kids Room Wallpaper By Sng Royal

Do you wish to decorate your young daughter’s room? Why not put up wallpaper featuring adorable fairies and mythical creatures on her bedroom walls? This would be a delightful revamp of your child’s room, along with brightening it up. Kids’ rooms are generally smaller than the rest of the rooms in a house. And if there is no space for windows for natural lighting, then chances are the room will look dull and boring. But with something like the above wallpaper design, the walls not only look pretty but also relax. You can get a design like waterproof material or vinyl wallpaper to protect the wallpaper from regular wear and tear.

Tip: Make sure the room is not burdened with heavy furniture or dark curtains. We are trying to create luminosity in the room; hence, picking light furniture would be the right choice. Similarity: choose curtains with soft pastel tones that would complement the entire room.

Kids Jungle Theme Wall Mural for Kids Bedroom

Another option to elevate the brightness of your kids room is to add a pop of colour. Take, for example, the above wallpaper for the kids room. This jungle-themed wallpaper is gender-neutral and can be applied in any kids’ room. The cute animals and bright hues infused in this wallpaper make it eye-catching for both kids and adults. The mood of the room would light up as soon as you switched from boring painted walls to something as querying and adorable as this wallpaper.

Tip: Since the wallpaper is bright in colour, and if your child room is big, you can take the risk of putting up colourful furniture. Add some colourful stuffed toys to complete the look. In addition, make sure to put up adequate lamps or ceiling lights so that the light can disperse throughout the entire room thoroughly.

Leaf Patterned Tropical Design

Leaf Patterned Tropical Design

Add the freshness of the tropics with the above or similar wallpaper design to your living room. Tropical designs as wallpaper for living rooms not only bring colour but also drama with their bold patterns. You can choose to use only one wall as a focal point or create an accent wall. This will bring the centre of attention to one wall. For instance, in the above photo, the wallpaper behind the TV cabinet makes a powerful statement. The boldly patterned leaves make up a wall border, and the empty space provides space for TV.

Tip: When creating an accent wall for your TV room or living room, make sure to add a pendant light. Doing this would provide adequate space for light dispersion, which will make your wall brighter.

3D Ball Abstract Wallpaper Design

3D ball

A perfect addition to your dining area would be the above or a similar wallpaper that you can find on SNG Royal. This 3D wallpaper is the definition of abstract, yet very futuristic. To enhance the brightness of your dining space, place it on a wall visible to everyone. The 3D floating balls with a tunnel-like runway give it an avant-garde feel.

Tip: Keep the drapes, furniture, and pendant lighting of the room in alignment with the wallpaper. When all the elements of an interior blend harmoniously, the room’s visual appearance becomes truly eye-pleasing.

Check out the wide collection of wallpapers for bedroom, living room, kids rooms, offices and more with SNG Royal. Having trouble finding your favourite design, get it custom made, talk to our team today!



Wallpaper Design Ideas for Kitchen:Transform Your Culinary Space

The easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your kitchen design is by installing wallpaper. With stunning wallpaper designs for the kitchen, you can elevate the visual aspect of your culinary space. Many people are opting for wallpaper in their kitchens over paint, and it is easy to see why. With the wide variety, texture, and range available in kitchen wallpapers, buyers tend to gravitate towards wallpapers to give their kitchen an aesthetically pleasing look. Apart from the visual aesthetic angle, wallpapers in the kitchen also come in waterproof variants. In fact, any good wallpaper vendor will suggest you buy waterproof wallpaper for the kitchen to counter any dampness. This not only saves you wallpaper for a long period of time but also fetches you a great return by saving your costs on wall paint. So, without further ado, let’s look at diverse wallpaper designs for kitchen walls.

Top Wallpaper Design Ideas for Kitchen Walls:

1. Geometric Wallpaper Designs for Kitchen

If you are looking to give your kitchen a suave and contemporary look, choose geometric wallpaper designs for your kitchen. Wallpaper with geometric design like the one given in the above photo can instantly create a focal point in your kitchen. Take note of the colour of the geometric prints, their size and whether they fit in with the rest of your kitchen visual harmony. For example: In above wallpaper design, the striking design patterns of various geometric designs are contrasted with simple white toned modular kitchen fittings. Such layout captivates onlookers attention but does not overwhelm you. Further, wallpapers like these also imitate title designs, more on which we will talk below.

2. Brick Wallpaper Designs for Kitchen Walls

Brick wallpaper designs are slowly gaining traction amongst interior designing circles as it brings a sense of nostalgia. These wallpapers designs for kitchens are a call back to earlier country kitchens which had actual bricks, stones and rugged rock patterns for walls. This rugged brick pattern for walls hasn’t seemed to lose its appeal in the 21st century. Hence, brick wallpapers have made their ways again into study rooms, commercial spaces and of course on the kitchen walls. If you are not a fan of the dark red or brown grunge aesthetic that comes out of brick wallpapers, you can opt for lighter tones in a clean look. Something as shown in the above photo. Here the white brick wallpaper not only lightens up the kitchen space but also creates a visual balance by blending in with cabinets, chimney and other fitting of the kitchen. To throw in some colour on your white canvas kitchen wall, hang in some fresh green plants or decorate your wall with a photo frame and other hangings.

3. Floral Wallpaper Designs for Kitchen

The timeless, the classic, the one you can never go wrong with – floral wallpaper are here to stay and are not leaving the wallpaper catalogue anytime sooner or later. Make your kitchen aesthetics inviting and pleasing with a floral wallpaper design. When it comes to selecting a design, it comes down to an individual’s taste. However, while selecting a floral pattern for kitchen walls, choose a wallpaper that has smaller and colourful blooms intertwined with vines. If you look at the photo above, a smaller floral pattern recurring throughout the wallpaper allows space for you to decorate your kitchen with more items such as a vintage phone or wall photo. The rest of the fittings and furniture should be picked accordingly to elevate the overall aesthetics of your culinary space. You can browse an assortment of floral wallpapers on SNG Royal for your kitchen, bedroom or living room walls.

4. Tile Wallpaper Designs for Kitchen

For those of you who wish to put up tiles in your kitchen space but aren’t too keen on sticking with the same design, go for tile wallpapers. Make your kitchen from drab to fab with wallpaper which imitates tile designs. With tile wallpaper designs for your kitchen you do not have to spend a fortune in getting high quality tiles and getting them installed. Instead pick wallpapers that emulate your favourite design pattern you’d want on tiles. These wallpapers are not only time saving, plus visually pleasing but are also way more economical than any tile installation. In the above photo you can see, even in a small kitchen space, tiled wallpapers have incorporated bursts of colours creating a focal point that catches attention.

5. Accent Wall Designs for Kitchen

Accent Wall Designs for Kitchen

If you like bold patterns and aren’t hesitant to do experimentation, try creating an accent wall in your kitchen with a maximalist design. How about putting a world map wallpaper on one of your kitchen walls sounds? If this idea resonates with you, go ahead and create your own accent wall in your kitchen with your favourite design. The only catch here is that your kitchen space should be big enough to hold that design pattern in. Otherwise an accent wall could drown your kitchen space and make it look cluttered. Choosing the right furniture, fitting and lighting would also impact the overall image of the kitchen. You can take help of a wallpaper vendor in selecting the right design or get a customised wallpaper as per your kitchen dimensions.

These were some of the kitchen wallpaper ideas that you can explore. Now let us take a look at the benefits of using wallpaper in kitchen:

Advantages of Using Kitchen Wallpaper:

  • Convenient and Durable: Wallpapers made for the kitchen have evolved into commodities which gives more convenience to buyers. Most wallpapers for the kitchen walls today are waterproof, washable and durable. Minatainece of these wallpapers are also easy and it costs you a fraction of what wall paints or tiles would cost.
  • Variety of Options: Unlike paint or tiles, you can browse plenty of kitchen wallpaper designs. These varied options leave buyers to change the look of their kitchen from time to time without worrying about costs or consuming too much time. Wallpaper installations are much more convenient and less messy than painting walls or putting up tiles.
  • Economical: If you are on a limited budget but still want to revamp the look of your kitchen, go for wallpapers. These are way less expensive than any good quality paint or tiles and provide greater degree of flexibility in terms of design and patterns Something you can’t do much with a wall paint or tiles.

Wallpaper Tip: Please get a sample of your favourite wallpaper designs to see how it will appear in the kitchen before making any final purchase. By doing this; you get a better idea of how the wallpaper will look in your kitchen. It is important to know whether the walpaper matches with your rest of the kitchen fittings and furniture. Also, try to observe the wallpaper pattern during different hours of the day to get a better idea of how it will look.


Spring & Summer-Inspired Wallpaper Designs to Brighten Your Home

Looking for ways to brighten your home this season? Look no further than summer wallpaper designs. The bright, vibrant, and patterned wallpaper instantly perks up the walls of your room. These wallpaper designs are way more visually appealing than monotoned-painted walls. As the winter season fades away and the air becomes warmer, it’s a perfect time to revamp your home with spring and summer vibes. And what better way to bring about these changes than through the use of cheerful wallpaper designs? These designs not only look aesthetically pleasing but also invoke the warmth of the season. In this blog, we will look at different spring and summer-inspired wallpaper ideas that will fill your home with radiance and joy.

Tropical Inspired Wallpaper

Bring home the tropical vibes to your home with SNG Royal wallpapers. The bright and vivid colour of green trees, large leaves, or flowers gives a nice effect on your walls. The designs and patterns exude a sense of elegance and charm. The bold pattern usually fills up the empty space on the walls without you having to hang any art pieces. The versatility of this wallpaper design looks impeccable in every room, whether it’s the dining hall or a bedroom. Pay attention to the colour tone of your wallpaper. If the colour palette of the wallpaper is on the darker side, you can opt for lighter-toned furniture to create contrast; this creates a visual harmony in the room.

Floral Wallpaper

floral wall mural

Make your room bloom with the captivating beauty of floral wallpaper. You can browse a variety of floral wallpapers from SNG Royal. From bold and enlarged patterns to soft and small repetitive flower prints that fill the walls, there are many options to explore. Inspired by fresh flowers and biophilic designs, floral wallpapers can easily bring freshness and calm to your home. They permeate a romantic vibe and are ideal for anyone who is looking for romantic bedroom wallpaper. In addition, floral wallpaper can make a room appear larger, brighter, and more open. It can be highly useful when choosing the right wallpaper for smaller rooms. You can also combine floral wallpaper with different colours and select which one goes best with your room’s furniture and lighting.

Coastal Inspired Wallpaper

You can also create coastal-inspired walls with wallpaper designs that capture the relaxed and calm vibe of seaside and beachside living. Play with colours while choosing or customising your wallpaper; tones like cerulean, aquamarine, soft blue, teal, sandy neutral, and weathered wood texture exude the serenity of the sea. Whereas you can also look for coastal motifs such as seashells, sailboats, underwater aquatic life, and seagrass, which adds that marine touch. You can decorate your beach house with such wallpapers or your regular room by creating beach-y vibes. Coastal-inspired wallpaper creates such a calm and inviting atmosphere in your home, which is ideal for this summer season.

Fresh Citrus Vibes

Best Imported Wallpaper Supplier in ghaziabad

Who doesn’t like fresh limes, lemons, kiwis, and tangerines in a scorching summer? They instantly give you zest and perk up your mood. So, why not create the symbols of summer and spring on your walls? You can incorporate citrus-inspired wallpaper designs into your home decor. Bright and cheerful shades of lemon yellow, lime green, and juicy tangerines can instantly add a pop of colour and freshness to your walls. Whereas whimsical citrus motifs such as lemons, oranges, kiwis, and grapefruits exude the sunny spirit of the season. These wallpapers are perfect for the kitchen, dining areas, kids room, and pantry room, as they induce a sense of vitality and a burst of energy.

Pastel Shaded Wallpapers

White Feather Bedroom Wall Mural

Soft, soothing pastel shades are a hallmark of springtime. Therefore, pastel-inspired wallpaper designs are a brilliant way to bring a sense of soothing vibe and serenity to your home. Browse SNG Royal, and ppt for wallpapers in shades of peach, pastel pink, soft blue, light mint green, and lavender. These tones are extremely suitable for the spring season, they create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere which brings freshness and newness of the spring season when everything is in full bloom. Pastel wallpapers with nuanced texture and soft prints can add depth and dimension to your walls. It creates a cosy and inviting space perfect for relaxation.

Botanical Wallpapers for the Biophilic

Bring home the beauty of nature with botanical-inspired wallpaper designs that celebrate the abundance of spring and summer foliage. As humans, we are biophilic, seeking connection with nature or its life form in some way or another. To fulfil this innate sense of connecting with nature, you can incorporate dense flower prints into large leaf motifs. Botanical wallpapers bring the best of nature from outside to inside and create an inviting atmosphere in your home. You can select wallpapers with botanical illustrations and prints to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your walls. Add furniture and decorative wooden items made of natural materials such as jute, rattan, wicker, and wood to create a more coherent aesthetic.

Sunny Skies Wallpaper

Brighten up any room with wallpaper designs inspired by the clear blue skies and warm sunshine of spring and summer. Browse wallpaper colours and design patterns reflective of the sunny skies theme. You can look out for wallpaper in tones of sky blue, crispy white, sunrise yellow, orange to create a light and airy atmosphere instantly. Next, you can be playful with motifs such as soaring birds, soft fluffy clouds, rainbows, and radiant sun rays. These symbols can add a sense of whimsy and joy to your home making it sunny throughout the year.

Boho Prints

If you are in the mood for something fun and quirky, decorate your walls with the free-spirited vibe of bohemian style. Boho inspired wallpapers celebrate the beauty of different prints in a laid back and eclectic fashion. Look for wallpapers which feature paisley prints, bold floral motifs, tribal inspired patterns, mandalas and spiritual symbols and accordingly get them installed in rooms which you think would look best with boho wallpapers. Our suggestion is a living room or bedroom. One can mix and match different patterns, textures and material to create their unique version of wallpaper. Boho inspired wallpapers are best for expressing your sense of style and creativity this summer.

Ombre Wallpaper

An underrated design that is often overlooked when talking about summer-inspired wallpapers are ombre wallpapers. However, it’s slowly and steadily solidifying its position as a cool trend when it comes to interior design. The ombre colour, or tone, essentially gives eye-catching colour gradations. These gradient effects easily blend into different tones, creating an alluring visual. Earlier, it was thought that only paint could produce the ombre effect on walls, but now many wallpaper stores sell ombre wallpaper, which is a quick and affordable way to spread that ombre magic on your walls.


Wrapping it up, we can say that there are many options for summer-inspired wallpaper that can bring freshness and brightness to your home. The new approaching season is a great way to revamp your walls and switch from boring walls to vibrant and playful wallpapers. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for walls, consider opting for light and airy designs that reflect the essence of spring and summer. Floral prints in pastel shades can instantly transform a room into a romantic refuge. For a more tropical feel, incorporate bold botanical prints or exotic patterns that evoke visions of sunny beaches and lush landscapes.


Transform Living Spaces with Abstract Wallpaper Design

Wallpapers infused with abstract motifs are known as abstract wallpapers. These abstract designs are fluid and don’t pictorially represent a concrete reality but rather an idea. The same is reflected in the wallpaper designs. They can add intrigue, character, and an artsy flair, thereby elevating the aesthetic appeal of your walls. These wallpapers showcase a harmonious blend of modern and abstract motifs. And like other wallpaper designs, the design of an abstract wallpaper is not restricted to rigid categories such as floral, geometric, landscape, etc.

Abstract wallpapers are not only visually captivating but are also versatile in nature. They can be put in different spaces depending on the room’s function, desired mood, and colour scheme.

Who Can Use Abstract Wallpaper in their Space:

People with an eye and heart for contemporary modern arts can buy abstract wallpaper for their homes. They cost a fraction of what a modern painting would cost and instantly lift up the facade of your walls. Their vibrant colours, textures, and intriguing patterns make them a bold choice for your living spaces. Read below to learn more about spaces where you can put up abstract wallpapers.

1. Living Room:

The living room is the focal point of any household; hence, styling your living room with a catchy modern design is a great way to grab eyeballs. Abstract wallpaper designs can cut down on the monotony of single-hued walls and can be paired well with living room furniture or hardwood floors. The choice of wallpaper with respect to the existing furniture can make your living room cohesive and appealing. You can experiment with different patterns from a wallpaper vendor and find the one that suits you the best.

2. Bedroom:

A bedroom is a space to unwind and relax after a wearsome day. You don’t want to overwhelm the decor of your room with bold abstract designs. Rather, choose something that goes well with the existing bedroom decor and is in a much more muted tone. Choose abstract wallpaper designs that have serene colours or simplified patterns to promote relaxation and a restful ambiance in the bedroom.

3. Accent Walls:

If wallpapering the walls of your living spaces with abstract wallpapers intimidates you, consider going for an accent wall. It is often seen that with abstract designs for walls, most buyers go for accent walls. Keeping in mind the design, shape, and pattern of your wallpaper, it can really elevate the focal point of the room without making the room look busy or overwhelmed.

4. Offices and Corporate Buildings:

In workspaces, abstract wallpapers can be used to motivate your team, stimulate fresh ideas, and make the work environment exciting. You may use abstract wallpaper for different areas, such as lounges, conference rooms, or departments. These upbeat and imaginative wallpaper designs can turn dull, dry, and boring office spaces into energised workspaces. A key note to remember would be to consider the type of business or workspace you have and get customised wallpaper accordingly.

5. Designer Stores and Boutiques:

love wallpaper

Not just for residential spaces, abstract wallpaper designs can also be used in retail spaces such as stores and boutiques. Whether you have a fashion boutique or retail store, you can select from a variety of abstract wallpaper designs from SNG Royal to transform the interiors of your store and make it more chic. The abstract wall murals also provide a backdrop for your product or service, accentuating the store’s brand power. The interiors of your fashion store will not only be Instagram-worthy but will also likely pull in more customers.

6. Restaurants and Cafes:

Having abstract wallpaper murals in your restaurant and cafe can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your establishment. The eccentric patterns and design ideas can contribute to elevating the mood of your restaurant. Choose from various abstract patterns, such as flowers withering away from trees, graffiti, or a wall mural, to complement your restaurant or cafe theme. This would give your guests a chance to enjoy the aesthetic vibes of your eatery along with delicious coffee and food.

7. Spa and Wellness Centres:

For spa and wellness centres, choosing abstract wallpaper designs can significantly contribute to making the space radiant and captivating. A spa centre is meant for relaxation and healing; hence, it is advisable to carefully choose abstract motifs such as soft, fluid patterns, pastel shades, or nature-inspired abstracts that can enhance the sense of rejuvenation and relaxation.

How Much Does an Abstract Wallpaper for Walls Cost?

The cost of an abstract wallpaper for walls depends on several variables, such as the quality of the wallpaper, the brand, the material (vinyl, non-woven, etc.), the design complexity, and the place of purchase. To give you price approximations, read the table below:

Category Price Range (per square foot) Features
Budget-Friendly Options INR 50 to INR 250 Often basic designs and colours.
Mid-Range Options INR 250 to INR 500 Made from more durable materials and intricate designs. Ideal for those looking to balance quality and style.
Premium Options INR 500 to INR 2000+ High-end and luxurious designs, includes custom designs and may come with professional installation.

Wrap up:

Abstract wallpaper designs are the perfect way to express your imagination and creativity on the walls. From residential spaces to commercial ones, abstract wall murals can easily enhance the aesthetics and visual chemistry of your cherished space. Make sure that for residential spaces, you always get a sample wallpaper to see how it fits with the rest of your room. And for commercial spaces, consider the theme of the business, scale, pattern, and colour psychology to ensure that wallpaper serves the purpose. Check out SNG Royal’s collection of abstract wallpapers or get them customised.


Wallpaper for Walls: Design Trends 2024

Looking for a major overhaul for your home interiors? Well, wallpaper for walls could be just the right way to go about it. In 2024, wallpapers are not just about covering walls; they’re about expressing who you are. This year, we can see a shift from wall paint to wallpaper in interior design trends. As more and more people are gravitating towards homes that appear to be an extension of their personalities, the demand for wallpapers for walls have surged. Buying a wallpaper has become so convenient, thanks to online wallpaper stores. With just a few clicks, you can browse many wallpaper designs in a jiffy and get assistance.

If you too have been wondering about buying wallpapers for bedroom, living room or any other living space, and don’t know where to start, worry not. We are here to guide you on some wallpaper trends that are likely to rule 2024. So go ahead and make your room walls stand out.

1. Artsy Walls – Mixing Art with Wallpaper

To make living spaces more and more personalised, people are going to incorporate their unique artistic preferences into wallpaper designs. Whether it’s through a 3D wallpaper design or a regular wallpaper, the art is going to get displayed on the walls. Instead of buying separate art prices and hanging them on the walls, buyers are looking for customised wallpaper options which could display artwork. The various art forms, such as Indian folk art, Pichwai, or Madhubani art, can be reinterpreted and reimagined into captivating patterns and prints, enriching the wallpaper’s aesthetic appeal.

2. The Accent Wall – Creating Focal Point with Wallpaper

Accent wall is here to stay and is going to be a regular wall decor feature in 2024 as well. Wallpapering the accent wall refers to application of a stunning wallpaper design to a single and central wall which could be the focal point of the room. Typically the wall against which the bed’s headboard lies makes the accent wall, however that may not be necessary. It is a trend which is gaining prominence each passing year. And with the myriad availability of prints, designs, colours and patterns, buyers are spoilt with options.

3. Classic Aesthetics – Wallpaper with Rustic Prints

Geometric Triangle Deer Head

If you have fondness of classic aesthetics, then 2024 could be the year to experiment with wallpaper of vintage designs. The cottage core and rustic prints design are going to make a comeback. There will be many designs and prints on wallpapers that would exude the vintage charm of a gone by era. Along with design patterns, you could also browse wallpapers through texture such as grasscloth wallpaper, fabric-backed vinyl or moulded linoleum wallpapers.

4. Evoking Serenity: Spiritual Wallpapers for Walls

In Indian households, spiritual wallpapers are going to gain prominence when it comes to wall decor and aesthetics. Designs depicting meditating Buddha, Krishna’s peacock feather, scenes from ancient scriptures, and other religious motifs done respectfully could be a regular feature on wallpapers. These wallpapers are not only for meditation or pooja rooms but could also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living rooms as well.

5. Earthy Tones: Browns and Beige Hued Wallpapers

The shades of muted earthy tones or terracotta tones could actually become a trend that can be visible in wallpapers for walls. With a plethora of designs, textures, and patterns available, earthy-tone wallpapers could feature in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. It could also be used to create accent walls in bedrooms.

6. Stripe Away: Classic Stripes Wallpaper

Some wallpaper designs are timeless and will forever stay in vogue. Irrespective of the current popular trends, stripe wallpaper is likely to be seen on walls. Whether it’s the classic stripes or wiggly lines, they can instantly give character to your walls and make them look appealing. The stripes can be used in small rooms or hallways to make them appear bigger in size. They can also be used in the home office for a sense of professionalism and focus.

7. Something New: 3D Wallpapers for Walls

3D Peacock Wall Mural

Futuristic and fun, 3D wallpaper for walls will be a popular choice for many discerning buyers. Whether they are in the theme of nature, abstract design, or outer space, the wallpaper can elevate the modernity factor of your home. For those who are seeking biophilic designs, the incorporation of landscapes, waterfalls, hills, etc. would be prominent features in the 3D wallpapers.

These were the design trends likely to gain prominence in the wallpaper realm in 2024. Thanks to online stores, gaining access to wallpaper designs is a breeze. If you too have been on a hunt for wallpaper designs, check out the exclusive and wide collection of SNG Royal, your one-stop shop for wallpapers.


Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Bedroom Walls

If you are someone who constantly likes to revamp your bedroom walls, then peel-and-stick wallpaper might be the ideal choice for you. The very nature of this wallpaper is designed for easy application and removal without causing any damage to your precious walls. The best part of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it is available in a wide range of varieties, colours, and textures. In addition, the affordable price of these wallpapers makes them the number one choice for many buyers looking for cheap wallpaper options.

In this guide, we will shed some light on the benefits of peel-and-stick wallpaper, things to keep in mind before buying the wallpaper, and much more. So, please read below:

Benefits of Using Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

wallpaper for wall
  1. The first and foremost benefit of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it is extremely affordable. So if you have plans to revamp your bedroom walls, you don’t have to break the bank; something as simple as peel-and-stick wallpaper can do wonders for your interiors.
  2. Putting wallpaper on your own might be a challenging task, but thankfully, that’s not the case with peel-and-stick wallpaper. These wallpapers are much easier to install, allowing you to have more freedom and experiment with different designs.
  3. Peel and stick wallpapers are quite versatile as they are available in a wide range of textures, hues, and designs, making them an ideal choice for any buyer.
  4. Another great benefit of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it is crafted in such a way that it is easy to remove without leaving traces of damage on your walls. Hence, it becomes a great option for people who are renters or for those who are constantly on the move and looking to revamp their accommodation.

Things to keep in mind when buying peel and stick wallpaper

wallpaper for living room
  1. When buying peel-and stick wallpaper for bedroom walls, consider the size of the room and choose accordingly. It is equally important whether you want to make an accent wall or wallpaper the entire room. The former requires less challenge and effort, while the latter requires more effort.
  2. Always ask for samples from your wallpaper vendor and assess which wallpaper would suit your bedroom walls—does the wallpaper match with your existing interior, the shades of the wallpaper in dark and light, etc. Asking these questions to your vendor and doing careful sampling will help you buy the best wallpaper for bedroom walls.
  3. Select a wallpaper design that suits your room size, and it must go well with the other interiors and furniture in your room. From modern to vintage and from patterned to textured, peel-and-stick wallpaper is available in a plethora of styles.
  4. The colours of your wallpaper will create visual effects in the room. For example, if you are going to wallpaper a small room, going for light and cool tones might be the right option, as it might give the illusion of a bigger room.

Preparation and Application of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

love wallpaper

After a mindful purchase of peel and stick wallpaper, now it’s time to prepare your walls and get ready for the application for a successful installation:

  1. Clean your walls with a slightly damp cloth to get rid of any dust, grime, or dirt. This will help the wallpaper get stuck properly to the walls.
  2. You must carefully assess whether your bedroom walls have any holes or any pre-existing damaged parts that need to be fixed. It is imperative to get them repaired before wallpaper installation.
  3. Measure the height of the wallpaper and determine how much wallpaper you would need to cover the entire area.
  4. Make the layout of the wallpaper and check if there’s any door or window that will come in your way. If it’s a plain wall, then things might be easier for you.
  5. Always begin installing wallpaper from the top to the bottom of your wall. This will help in better installation and prevent any air bubbles.
  6. Keep a trimming tool or utility scissors in hand and trim the excess leftover wallpaper and smooth the pasted wallpaper.
  7. Keep patience, take your time, and do not finish the installation process in a hurry.

How to take care of your wallpaper ?

wallpaper for living room
  1. Do not install peel-and-stick wallpaper in areas of high traffic, such as the lobby, kids room, etc. Similarly, you should avoid putting them in areas of high moisture, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Regularly clean your wallpaper with a soft and slightly damp cloth to remove dirt and dust that accumulate on the wallpaper from time to time.
  3. Refrain from using any harsh chemicals that are abrasive in nature. This could lead to wallpaper damage in no time.
  4. If you wish to remove the wallpaper, do it gently without causing any damage to the walls. You may use a hairdryer or a warm blower on a low-heat setting. This would soften the adhesive and make it much easier to peel off wallpaper from the walls.


We hope you find this guide helpful. You can go ahead and revamp your bedroom walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper. They are delightful for those who are constantly looking for novelty and want to elevate the aesthetics of their bedroom walls. If you are looking to buy wallpaper for bedroom walls, you can check out SNG Royal’s impressive collection. We provide free delivery and installation services to our customers.


Kids Wallpaper Designs Ideas and Inspiration

Selecting wallpaper for your tiny tots can be both an exciting and a little challenging task. With a myriad of wallpaper options available, involving your child in picking the wallpaper is critical, as it’s important to choose a theme that speaks to their interests and fuels their imaginative play.

For instance, picking a cartoon character-based wallpaper might evoke joy and a playful mood. Watch the happiness unfold as your child’s room transforms into a scene from theri beloved animated series. You can also go for fantasy-themed wallpapers such as a magical castle, fairies, or dragons if it piques your child’s interest. With the right tones and design, you can create the perfect ambiance for your kids’ bedroom. And if you want to bring in nature-themed inspired wallpaper, then there is a selection of wallpapers that would look perfect in a kids room. These wallpapers include themes and patterns of jungle, waterfall, mountains, flowers, animals, etc., evoking a sense of awe and wonder in your child.

Even while going for a revamp, many parents explore kids’ wallpaper designs over paint, as the latter doesn’t give much room for creativity. Plus, wallpaper installation and removal in a child’s room is much easier and hassle-free than painting. So, without further ado, let’s look at some wallpaper ideas and designs:

Wallpaper Ideas for Kids Bedroom:

3D Modern Wallpaper

Bring alive the walls of your child’s room with 3D modern wallpaper. Imagine having a secret door to a new world or a Transformers character featured on the wall of your child’s room. With 3D wallpaper for the kids room, the possibilities are endless.

Castle Wallpaper for Kids

Turn your kids room into a fantastical wonderland with castle-themed wallpaper. These majestic castles nestled in the natural world evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in your child. Browse our collection of kids wallpapers or get them custom-made.

Magical Cute Fairy Wallpaper for Girls Room

While looking for cute wallpapers for a girl’s room, consider fairy-themed wallpaper. The soft, innocent, and feminine visuals of the wallpaper will add a touch of elegance and grace to your daughter’s room.

Jungle Themed Wallpaper for Kids

Think about a whimsical jungle with cute animals, trees, and gushing waterfalls. This imagery of the natural world as the backdrop of your child’s room elevates its charm instantly.

Disney Characters Wallpaper

If your child is a fan of Disney characters, browse wallpaper featuring their favourite characters or get them custom-made. It could be The Little Mermaid or Disney Cars; the options are endless.

Moon and Stars Wallpaper

Make your child’s room shine with endearing moon and star wallpapers. A perfect place to install these wallpapers would be on the ceiling, which would give the illusion that they are sleeping under the stars. This will help your child channel their inner curiosity and make bedtime a little more relaxing, knowing they are sleeping.

Universe and Outer Space Wallpaper

Does your child have a curiosity for all things outer space? Surprise them with an adorable wall covering featuring the solar system with the sun, planets, and rockets. You can even get ideas from them and create a customised wallpaper design for your child’s room.

Anime Wallpaper

Is your kid an anime buff? Then they’ll surely like to see their favourite characters featured on their bedroom walls, such as Doraemon, Shinchan, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. You can also imprint any famous dialogue or tagline of their favourite anime characters, as custom wallpaper options are always available.

Tips While Browsing Kids Wallpaper Designs

When it comes to selecting kids wallpaper designs, there are certain things you must keep in mind before making the final purchase. Please read below:

  1. Always involve your child in the wallpaper selection process and prioritise their interests and tastes. This will make them feel included and make the room uniquely theirs.
  2. If your child has a fickle taste in wallpaper designs, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper. They are easy to remove and install, and they do not cause any damage to the walls.
  3. Your child’s health is paramount, so make sure to buy wallpapers that are made from toxic-free materials and are eco-friendly.
  4. You can also incorporate educational elements such as tables, alphabets, or maps as per your child’s age and understanding.
  5. Look for kids wallpapers that are superior in both quality and design.
  6. Make sure the wallpapers are both durable and washable. Such wallpapers will be protected by the daily wear and tear, and it will be easy to clean them. Durable wallpapers for the kids room would save you both time and money.
  7. Go for a cohesive wallpaper theme for your child’s room. For example, a princess-themed room or a jungle-themed room This helps the room have an orderly appearance.
  8. Be mindful of the tones of wallpaper that you select. The dark tones can make a large room look cosier, while soft and pastel shades can make a room look brighter and bigger.

Wallpapers Vs Wall Coverings: What’s the Difference?

For those looking for alternatives to wall paint, wallpapers or wall coverings come as a convenient option. But many people tend to confuse the two or think of them as one and the same thing. However, there are some basic differences between wallpaper and wall coverings, which we will try to break down in this blog. Keep reading on.

First things first, what are wall coverings? How is it different from wallpapers?

Think of wall coverings as the industrial or commercial counterpart of regular wallpapers. For the most part, wallpapers are widely used in homes as an alternative to paint as they are affordable, easy to change, and can be customised. Wallpapers have been around since the 16th century and are an important thread in the tapestry of interior decoration. They are generally easy to self-install and can instantly perk up the facade of your home walls.

Wall coverings initially started as a film or a protective layer to keep wallpapers from getting worn and torn. But now it has morphed itself into a viable alternative to delicate paper wallpapers. Wallpaper coverings are made from vinyl, wood (veneer), cork, glass fibre, and even dry erase. Ever since the 1970s, wall coverings have been installed in commercial spaces that can stand strong against the test of highly crowded or populated interior spaces such as hotel lobby, corridors, hotel suites, and airports. Such spaces are more susceptible to daily wear and tear due to frequent contact with people or objects. Hence, it only makes sense to use wall-covering wallpapers that require less maintenance and run for a longer period of time.

Why use Wall Coverings?

Designer Beautiful Peacock Sitting on circle Wallpaper

Investment in the interior decor of commercial spaces ought to be meticulously done. Going for paint or cheap paper wallpapers might not give off a good impression. As mentioned above, the constant scuffing, chipping, scratching, and scraping your walls might have to endure would add to the maintenance cost. Plus, it will also take up a huge chunk of time, money, and effort that could be used to do something much more productive. By using wallcoverings, you can avoid all that hassle. With customizable wall covering options, you may incorporate your brand motto or tagline into your walls. Wall coverings ensure both high-grade durability and aesthetics, if chosen wisely.

Are wall coverings only for commercial purposes?

Simply put, no. Wall coverings are not only dedicated to protecting the walls of commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants, lobbies, etc. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners who are seeking long-term solutions for their wall decor. Those looking for chic, sophisticated, and luxe decor ideas are also opting for wall coverings. You can check out SNG Royal’s eco-friendly, colourful, and bold wall covering designs, which not only promise durability but also add durability. And if you’re wondering, where can I get wallcovering installed? The answer is that, apart from the high-intensity area, you can install them at entrances, hallways, kids’ rooms, etc. You can also get them installed in a sumptuous area of your home, such as the dining area, the lounge area, or a personal home theatre room.

Wall Covering Modern Wallpaper Designs

Wall coverings look best in the muted tones of beige, slate, onyx, maroon, and brown. However, home decor is all about personalising and bringing forth your ideas and imagination on the walls. Therefore, you may select from our wonderful assortment of wall coverings that will give your commercial space an elevated aesthetic while being eco-friendly.

Benefits of Wall Coverings over Wallpapers

  • Wall coverings are strong, sturdy, and much more durable than paper wallpapers.
  • Wall coverings can be easily customised to a buyer’s needs and preferences.
  • Wall covering can minimise the noise and sounds, making your room somewhat soundproof.
  • They can add depth and texture to the interiors of your walls.
  • Wall coverings make your walls look luxurious, chic, and sophisticated.
  • Once installed correctly, they can last for years.

Wallpaper vs Wall covering: A Comparison

Feature Wallpaper Wall covering
Commonly made from: Paper, vinyl Fabric, Vinyl, Natural Materials (like grasscloth, veneer)
Installation: Adhesive paste required Often peel and stick or adhesive paste is required.
Best suitable for: Living rooms, bedrooms, low moisture areas. High traffic area, commercial spaces, kids room, damp spaces.
How to clean: Wipe with damp cloth (depending on type) Wipe, scrub or vacuum (depending on material)
Durability: Low to Moderate High (especially commercial-grade coverings)
Maintenance: High; may feed or pale away over time Low; due to less wear and tear
Approx cost in INR: ₹300 – ₹5,000 per roll ₹3,000 – ₹15,000 per roll (varies by material and brand)

Note: The costs are approximations and can vary based on the customisation, quality, design, and other factors. Always consult with a wallpaper vendor for precise figures.

Are you looking for wall coverings or wallpapers for office spaces or residential spaces? Check out our extensive collection of wallpapers for walls and add a flair of luxury and aesthetics to your living spaces. SNG royal offers free delivery, free installation and free paste. Connect with us today and get all your queries regarding wallpapers answered.


Psychology of Colours: How Wallpaper Colours can Influence Mood

Colours can have a huge impact on mood and behaviour and might even have some influence on our decisions. This is exactly what the psychology of colours talks about: how colours can affect our mood and emotions. The study of colours is based on the notion that each colour has its own frequency and wavelength, which may produce different psychological effects. Therefore, the application of colours in our surroundings is important to look at. Especially when we are decorating our interiors for home, offices, or any other dwelling space.

When it comes to wallpaper, choosing the right wallpaper colour is a key element in elevating the vibe and aesthetic of a particular room. The colours you select may have a huge impact on the mood of your living space. For instance, warm colours like red and orange can promote a feeling of excitement and vitality. whereas calming tones such as white, light blue, and pastel pink may bring in more serene, pure, and poised energies.

Let’s take a look at how different wallpaper colours may influence your mood and what room they will be suitable for:

Red Wallpaper

Red is the first colour in the rainbow and is universally used to indicate excitement, thrill, passion, and zeal. It also has the highest scattering capacity, which is why red is recognised from faraway distances. The red-coloured wallpaper can be used in rooms where you wish to create a more stimulating environment, such as a home office, a gym, a dance studio, or a living room. But please note that, since red is a warmer colour, excessive use of it may be overbearing for some people. Therefore, it’s necessary to strike a balance between colours. You may use red-coloured wallpaper for an accent wall to grab the attention of the onlooker and balance it with lighter tones such as off-white. You may pick floral wallpaper designs with some white flowers on a red background. In addition, try to incorporate furniture and decor items of a lighter shade to balance out the tones of a particular room.

Suitable for: home office, accent wall for living room or bedroom, gym

Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow has a bright, sunny, and cheerful tone, which may promote feelings of optimism, happiness, and creativity. It is believed that young children are more likely to find yellow attractive than most adults. Yellow wallpaper can be used in living spaces to create a warm, friendly, approachable, and inviting vibe. You can also play with different shades of yellow and go for wallpaper with stripes to create a distinguished look. In many eastern religions, the colour yellow is considered auspicious and heavily used in various cultural ceremonies. You may also play with different designs, prints, and textures by choosing yellow-hued wallpapers for your room. The final choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Suitable for: While looking for wallpapers for the kids room, you may choose yellow-coloured wallpaper. The puja room, study room, and kitchen will also look great with yellow-toned wallpapers.

Orange Wallpaper

Just like red and yellow, orange, too, is a bright and warm colour that adds a layer of exuberance and brightness to a room. It’s a perfect colour that strikes the balance of yellow and red ones. It adds a sense of cheerfulness and enthusiasm to the living space. It can be a good wallpaper for children’s rooms or play areas. The orange tone has the ability to uplift our mood and rejuvenate our senses. It also unleashes a sense of creativity and enables us to be more productive. Orange wallpaper can prove to be versatile in its usage. All you need to do is discern the pattern and prints for orange wallpapers, and you’ll be able to create a zesty space for yourself.

Suitable for: The versatility of orange wallpaper makes it suitable for wallpaper in bedrooms, kids rooms, living rooms, dining spaces, etc.

Blue Wallpaper

Blue is a colour that is associated with coolness, stability, and serenity. It evokes a feeling of calmness and security. It is important to note that the light hues of blue, such as turquoise, azure, teal, etc., may add a layer of tranquillity and amusement. It may give you a sense of the calming waters of an ocean or a stretch of clear blue sky. whereas darker tones of blue such as indigo, navy blue, and midnight blue may add a royal touch, making it a perfect selection for many living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Blue is a colour that can be both vibrant and calming and can be used more effectively than other shades.

Suitable for: Blue wallpaper can be an excellent choice for office space, an accent wall for bedrooms, a living room, or a meditation or yoga room.

Green Wallpaper

Green is a colour that evokes rest, comfort, and hope. It is also a colour that is often linked with nature and peace. Therefore, it’s a good choice to use green in places to calm your nerves, unwind yourself, and align your energies. It is no surprise that artists and entertainers often use the “Green Room” to wait for their turns or to simply relax before going on stage and performing. If you have a large living space and want to give it a dramatic yet sophisticated look, you may opt for darker green tones. The darker colour will eliminate the negative (empty space) and make the room size equitable. On the other hand, if you have a relatively smaller space, then going for lighter green-toned wallpapers might enhance the space.

You can also choose tropical-themed wallpaper while looking for shades of green in a wallpaper collection.

Suitable for: study room, living room, kitchen, bathrooms

White Wallpaper

In most cultures, the colour white symbolises purity and peace. It is also associated with cleanliness and simplicity. White wallpaper can make any cramped space look bigger. White-toned wallpapers are also a great choice for using them besides any darker-shaded wallpaper. It is a pretty versatile colour and can be incorporated into any room, especially smaller rooms, to create the illusion of space. It will also work great as a minimalistic wallpaper for those looking to create a calm and minimalist space. Furthermore, it serves as a perfect background for colourful accents, ornamental mirrors, and decor items. You can also plant some natural indoor plants to create a sense of serenity and nature in your living space.

Suitable for: All rooms.

Pink Wallpaper

Pink wallpapers often get boxed into the category of wallpaper for girls and are often viewed as an intrinsically feminine colour. However, it can be used as an extremely refreshing and multifaceted wallpaper. The shades of pastel pink can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Whereas darker shades of pink, such as hot pink, are quite ravishing and can add that missing touch of glamour to any room. You can work with your wallpaper vendor to get a customised wallpaper that incorporates dual tones of pink in a single wallpaper. Pink is also a great choice if you’re looking for some romantic wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Suitable for: Bedroom, Kids room, Make Up Studio, Salons, Boutiques

Here are some additional tips if you are looking for coloured wallpaper for walls:

  • Opt for lighter tones in small spaces to make them appear larger.
  • Choose dark colours in large rooms to create a more intimate vibe.
  • Use lighter colours, such as off-white and pastel blue, if you live in hotter temperatures.
  • Use contrasting colours together to create a mature, sophisticated, and dramatic look.
  • You may work with a designer to put together complementary colours such as orange and beige to create a sense of balance.

To wrap it up, the choice of wallpaper colours can make or break the vibe of your room and may have a deep impact on your psychological well-being. It is crucial to select a colour that enhances harmony in your home. At the same time, always choose what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. And measure all your options before making the final decision about buying wallpaper.