Custom 3D Imported Wallpaper For Walls

Do you have a specific idea on your mind but couldn’t find the right 3d wallpaper for walls as per your choice. In that case, you have landed on the most appropriate and reliable platform. We at SNG ROYAL staunchly believe in our customers. we endeavour to bring your ideas to reality. Through our customize 3-D wallpaper, you could completely transform your wall. Add chasm and an alluring vibe to your interior. We excel in bringing desirableness and boldness to your room. With modern 3D wallpaper designs, you could add depth as the art seems to leap off from the wallpaper, adding a new dimension to your room. With magnificent style, vibrant colours, captivating design, our contemporary wallpaper selection would make anyone turn their eyes. from a plethora of preferences you could choose from to customizing your design and bringing them to your walls.

Make your apartment more captivating and dream-like to attract the attention of guests. Our 3D wallpapers bring an illusionist effect and depth to the room. Natural customized 3D wallpaper will make you feel like you are sitting amidst mother nature. It will bring Nature to your doorstep. Fill your rooms with astounding landscapes that will fill your heart with tranquility and put your lives into perspective. Having a natural customized 3D wallpaper is like having your very own free piece of nature and art. We provide you with a wide range of choices through which you could choose your idealistic one.

We assure you our Customized 3D wallpaper for wall decoration will bring exceptional magic into your room.

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Wallcovering Wallpapers By SNG Royal

Wallpapers Suitable for Different Rooms.

When you design rooms differently, and for different purposes, you need to be clear that every room needs to look different. So keeping that in mind, SNG Royal offers a wide range of 3D wallpapers online and makes 3D wallpaper designs that are room specific. Here are some of the options:

For bedroom: installation of 3D wallpapers are easy, and you do not have to spend days outside the house when that’s done. Also, when you choose 3D wallpapers for the bedroom, consider options like the floral ones that give definition to the room and do not give that hollow look.

For drawing-room: the first impression of the house should be exciting, and if you choose an abstract 3D design for the same, it gives a higher definition to the room. Especially if you choose abstract wallpapers knowing that your drawing room is smaller in size, because of being 3D, it makes the room look larger.

For kids room: imagine your kids enjoying the rainbow in a 3D view. They would get the beauty of it, if not in reality, at least in a dimensional way.

For kitchen: choose a natural wallpaper for the kitchen because it’s the waterfall that will keep your boredom and monotony away. At the same time, you sweat for half a day cooking, so we also offer cheerful options for 3d wallpaper online shopping.

Wallpaper Faq's

Q: I have my wallpaper idea on my phone. can you give me that same wallpaper?

Answer: Yes, we can. we deal in Customize 3D wallpaper wherein we will take your ideas and will bring them to your walls.

Q: Do you sell superhero 3D wallpaper for Kids?

Answer: Yes we deal in every type of kids wallpaper. Whether it be any superhero or cartoon characters. you just have to send in the reference so that we could make a customized 3D kids wallpaper and work on giving your room a makeover. Do go through our website to get an idea. For more design contact us on - 9717971047.

Q: What if there's any color variance in wallpaper than shown on your website?

Answer: We endeavor to give you the best but a minor color variance is possible as colors tend to reflect differently when the picture is enlarged and printed onto wallpaper. The variation could be because of the effect of digital photography and printing which could lead to a lighter color variation. A slighter color variation is bound to happen and that’s normal. For any further queries feel free to contact us on - +91-9717 971 047.

Q: I am not sure about the image that I have is of high quality or not. What shall I do?

Answer: Well, You need not worry about that. We will make help you out. Once you visit our office with all your high-Quality images, Our wallpaper consultant will help you out to sort the high-resolution picture that would look appropriate on your wall. Don’t worry just give us a call on-+91-9717 971 047 so that we could get in touch with you and help you out.

Q: I Just got my walls painted a few days back. Can I get a wallpaper installed?

Answer: Yes you certainly can. Please refer to the designs mentioned above or else contact us on - +91-9717971047 for further assistance.

Q: What is the wallpaper size available to you?

Answer: We have extensive wallpaper selection available in all sizes. Once you select the wallpaper and measure the size of the wall. we print the wallpaper of that size.

Q: Can I give my wall measurement in Centimetres?

Answer: yes, you could give us your wall measurement in cm and we will convert it into square ft and would print wallpaper of that size. If you find it difficult to measure contact us at -9717971047 so that our professional could visit your place and take the necessary measurements.