Spring & Summer-Inspired Wallpaper Designs to Brighten Your Home

Looking for ways to brighten your home this season? Look no further than summer wallpaper designs. The bright, vibrant, and patterned wallpaper instantly perks up the walls of your room. These wallpaper designs are way more visually appealing than monotoned-painted walls. As the winter season fades away and the air becomes warmer, it’s a perfect time to revamp your home with spring and summer vibes. And what better way to bring about these changes than through the use of cheerful wallpaper designs? These designs not only look aesthetically pleasing but also invoke the warmth of the season. In this blog, we will look at different spring and summer-inspired wallpaper ideas that will fill your home with radiance and joy.

Tropical Inspired Wallpaper

Bring home the tropical vibes to your home with SNG Royal wallpapers. The bright and vivid colour of green trees, large leaves, or flowers gives a nice effect on your walls. The designs and patterns exude a sense of elegance and charm. The bold pattern usually fills up the empty space on the walls without you having to hang any art pieces. The versatility of this wallpaper design looks impeccable in every room, whether it’s the dining hall or a bedroom. Pay attention to the colour tone of your wallpaper. If the colour palette of the wallpaper is on the darker side, you can opt for lighter-toned furniture to create contrast; this creates a visual harmony in the room.

Floral Wallpaper

floral wall mural

Make your room bloom with the captivating beauty of floral wallpaper. You can browse a variety of floral wallpapers from SNG Royal. From bold and enlarged patterns to soft and small repetitive flower prints that fill the walls, there are many options to explore. Inspired by fresh flowers and biophilic designs, floral wallpapers can easily bring freshness and calm to your home. They permeate a romantic vibe and are ideal for anyone who is looking for romantic bedroom wallpaper. In addition, floral wallpaper can make a room appear larger, brighter, and more open. It can be highly useful when choosing the right wallpaper for smaller rooms. You can also combine floral wallpaper with different colours and select which one goes best with your room’s furniture and lighting.

Coastal Inspired Wallpaper

You can also create coastal-inspired walls with wallpaper designs that capture the relaxed and calm vibe of seaside and beachside living. Play with colours while choosing or customising your wallpaper; tones like cerulean, aquamarine, soft blue, teal, sandy neutral, and weathered wood texture exude the serenity of the sea. Whereas you can also look for coastal motifs such as seashells, sailboats, underwater aquatic life, and seagrass, which adds that marine touch. You can decorate your beach house with such wallpapers or your regular room by creating beach-y vibes. Coastal-inspired wallpaper creates such a calm and inviting atmosphere in your home, which is ideal for this summer season.

Fresh Citrus Vibes

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Who doesn’t like fresh limes, lemons, kiwis, and tangerines in a scorching summer? They instantly give you zest and perk up your mood. So, why not create the symbols of summer and spring on your walls? You can incorporate citrus-inspired wallpaper designs into your home decor. Bright and cheerful shades of lemon yellow, lime green, and juicy tangerines can instantly add a pop of colour and freshness to your walls. Whereas whimsical citrus motifs such as lemons, oranges, kiwis, and grapefruits exude the sunny spirit of the season. These wallpapers are perfect for the kitchen, dining areas, kids room, and pantry room, as they induce a sense of vitality and a burst of energy.

Pastel Shaded Wallpapers

White Feather Bedroom Wall Mural

Soft, soothing pastel shades are a hallmark of springtime. Therefore, pastel-inspired wallpaper designs are a brilliant way to bring a sense of soothing vibe and serenity to your home. Browse SNG Royal, and ppt for wallpapers in shades of peach, pastel pink, soft blue, light mint green, and lavender. These tones are extremely suitable for the spring season, they create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere which brings freshness and newness of the spring season when everything is in full bloom. Pastel wallpapers with nuanced texture and soft prints can add depth and dimension to your walls. It creates a cosy and inviting space perfect for relaxation.

Botanical Wallpapers for the Biophilic

Bring home the beauty of nature with botanical-inspired wallpaper designs that celebrate the abundance of spring and summer foliage. As humans, we are biophilic, seeking connection with nature or its life form in some way or another. To fulfil this innate sense of connecting with nature, you can incorporate dense flower prints into large leaf motifs. Botanical wallpapers bring the best of nature from outside to inside and create an inviting atmosphere in your home. You can select wallpapers with botanical illustrations and prints to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your walls. Add furniture and decorative wooden items made of natural materials such as jute, rattan, wicker, and wood to create a more coherent aesthetic.

Sunny Skies Wallpaper

Brighten up any room with wallpaper designs inspired by the clear blue skies and warm sunshine of spring and summer. Browse wallpaper colours and design patterns reflective of the sunny skies theme. You can look out for wallpaper in tones of sky blue, crispy white, sunrise yellow, orange to create a light and airy atmosphere instantly. Next, you can be playful with motifs such as soaring birds, soft fluffy clouds, rainbows, and radiant sun rays. These symbols can add a sense of whimsy and joy to your home making it sunny throughout the year.

Boho Prints

If you are in the mood for something fun and quirky, decorate your walls with the free-spirited vibe of bohemian style. Boho inspired wallpapers celebrate the beauty of different prints in a laid back and eclectic fashion. Look for wallpapers which feature paisley prints, bold floral motifs, tribal inspired patterns, mandalas and spiritual symbols and accordingly get them installed in rooms which you think would look best with boho wallpapers. Our suggestion is a living room or bedroom. One can mix and match different patterns, textures and material to create their unique version of wallpaper. Boho inspired wallpapers are best for expressing your sense of style and creativity this summer.

Ombre Wallpaper

An underrated design that is often overlooked when talking about summer-inspired wallpapers are ombre wallpapers. However, it’s slowly and steadily solidifying its position as a cool trend when it comes to interior design. The ombre colour, or tone, essentially gives eye-catching colour gradations. These gradient effects easily blend into different tones, creating an alluring visual. Earlier, it was thought that only paint could produce the ombre effect on walls, but now many wallpaper stores sell ombre wallpaper, which is a quick and affordable way to spread that ombre magic on your walls.


Wrapping it up, we can say that there are many options for summer-inspired wallpaper that can bring freshness and brightness to your home. The new approaching season is a great way to revamp your walls and switch from boring walls to vibrant and playful wallpapers. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for walls, consider opting for light and airy designs that reflect the essence of spring and summer. Floral prints in pastel shades can instantly transform a room into a romantic refuge. For a more tropical feel, incorporate bold botanical prints or exotic patterns that evoke visions of sunny beaches and lush landscapes.

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