Kids Room Wallpaper

Creating the Perfect Kid's Room: A Mini Guide to Wallpaper for Kids

As children grow and develop, their rooms should evolve with them. That’s where colours and patterns come in, playing a vital role in selecting the right wallpaper for their space. Kids wallpaper should be both stylish and functional, sparking joy, playfulness, and providing either calming or motivating effects. It should bridge the gap between a child’s inner and outer worlds, encouraging creativity and supporting learning processes. Above all, their room should be a cosy, warm, and safe haven.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to choose wallpaper for kids that creates a unique and age-appropriate space for your child.

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Grey Background Safari Balloon Wallpaper
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Kids Room Wallpaper By SNG Royal
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Hand Painted Cartoon Universe Planet Children Room Wallpaper
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Custom Hot Air Balloon Elephant Bunny Kids Room Wallpaper
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Tips on Furnishing Kids' Rooms: Age-Appropriate Wallpaper for Kids

Children’s rooms should be furnished and designed with their developmental stages in mind. As they grow, their abilities and interests change, and their rooms should adapt accordingly. Here are some tips for wallpaper for kids for each stage:

Baby Room: In the first few months, babies sleep in their parents’ room, so they don’t need their own room right away. Light wood or white furniture is best, and simple geometric shapes or large-scale patterns are good options for wallpaper.

Toddlers: At this stage, children need space to move around and explore. The room should have flexible furniture and lots of storage for toys. Motif wallpaper can foster a child’s joy of discovery.

Kindergarten Age: Children start going to kindergarten at this stage, and their rooms become a place of retreat where experiences are processed. Personal interests and preferences start to come to the fore, which can be reflected in wallpaper motifs.

School Age: As children start school, their rooms become a multi-functional space. It makes sense to separate the areas for sleeping, studying, relaxing, and playing. Wall/wallpaper colours and pattern motifs should be adapted to the child’s preferences and take psychological aspects into account.

Which wallpaper colours are best for children's rooms?

Children are generally drawn to bright colours, but it’s important to avoid overstimulation by focusing on a few favourite colours. Gender can play a role in colour choices, but there are many hues that both girls and boys will like.

Gender-neutral Wallpaper colours: Yellow, green, blue, and turquoise are all great options that boys and girls will enjoy. Yellow creates a happy and lively atmosphere, green supports activity and relaxation, blue is calming and relaxing, and turquoise provides energy and balance.

Wallpaper colours for boys: Grey and white are cool and modern, and red works well for boys who are adventurous. However, red should be used sparingly to avoid aggression.

Wallpaper colours for girls: Pink is still a hot favourite for girls of all ages, but purple and violet are also popular. Soft brown hues are great for active girls who love nature.

Our recommendation is to choose timeless colours like blue, green, yellow, or grey, as they won’t go out of style as children grow older.

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What are the Best Wallpaper Designs for boys?

Boys’ wallpaper is all about adventure and action. From cars and fire engines to forest animals and superheroes, there’s a wealth of choice when it comes to finding the perfect wallpaper for your little boy’s room.

Super Cars: Boys love speed and movement, making cars a popular theme for wallpaper. Whether it’s fast racing cars or big trucks, cars offer a sense of freedom and power that appeals to boys of all ages.

Superheroes: Big, strong and powerful, superheroes are perfect role models for boys. From Spiderman to Batman, they embody strength, intelligence, and the ability to overcome any obstacle.

Enchanting Forest animals: Forest animals such as deer, rabbits, and hedgehogs are fascinating and cute, and boys love them. A cheerful crowd of forest animals on the walls can transport boys to a magical world of adventure and discovery.

Our recommendation: With so many options for wallpaper for kids, it’s important to choose patterns that inspire creativity and imagination. Cars, fire engines, forest animals, and superheroes are just some of the popular motifs that can create a fun and exciting room for your little boy.

Fun and Creative Wallpaper Patterns for Girls

Girls love to explore different themes through their surroundings. When it comes to wallpaper patterns, they are drawn towards fairy-tale worlds, nature, animals, and mythical creatures. Here are some of the best wallpaper patterns for girls:

Cute Farm Animals: Adorable farm animals are a favourite among many girls. The wallpaper can feature human and animal inhabitants with fields and meadows, ponds or lakes. This theme allows girls to explore their nurturing side while having fun.

Jungle Adventure: Girls are also drawn to lush green and exotic plants and animals found in the jungle. The dense jungle environment provides an exciting adventure with its bright tropical colours, making it perfect for relaxing moments and imaginative play.

Horses and Unicorns: Girls love horses and often develop a fascination for them, especially during the transition period between kindergarten and school. This love for horses can continue into their teenage years and turn into a passion. Unicorns, with their magical and fairy-tale elements, are also a popular wallpaper pattern among girls.

Dreamy Clouds: Soft, fluffy clouds provide a perfect canvas for girls to let their imagination run wild. Cloud patterns in different hues, with sunshine peeking through or droplets of rain falling down; make a beautiful and imaginative wallpaper pattern. Clouds also provide creative access to other heavenly spheres of the imagination.

Choose the Best Wallpaper for Your Child's Room

Selecting perfect wallpaper for kids room can make a significant impact on their growth and development. With a wide range of pattern options available, it is essential to choose one that aligns with your child’s interests and personality. Try to go for timeless wallpaper patterns instead of trendy ones that might become outdated. Give your child’s room a unique and playful touch with the perfect wallpaper pattern!

Looking for inspiration to create a dream room for your child? Look no further! Our tips will help you turn your child’s room into a magical place where their imagination can run wild.

Involve the Child in the Theme Selection: When designing a themed room, involve your child in the process. Girls may love a bedroom fit for a princess in soft pink and gold hues, featuring tiaras, crowns, or a castle scene with a touch of glitter. For boys, a cosy pirate dwelling with a touch of the Caribbean could be just the thing. Choose wallpapers, furnishings, and accessories with authenticity in mind to bring the theme to life.

Creative Use of Wallpaper: Wallpapers can be used creatively to add interest to the room. Large pieces of furniture like wardrobes or chests-of-drawers can be beautified with wallpaper. Use almost indestructible chalkboard wallpaper models that can be scribbled and drawn on with colourful chalk. Paint the wall in your child’s favourite tone and use patterned wallpaper to create unusual decorative elements. Cut out shapes like circles for polka-dot patterns or triangles for striped patterns and stick them to the wall in any arrangement you and your child prefer.

Fabulous Ceilings: Don’t forget about the ceiling! Children’s room ceilings can be decorated with fabulous patterned wallpapers too. For babies and toddlers, a starry sky or a magical galaxy might be the perfect choice. Nature-loving kids might prefer a bucolic flower meadow. With the help of our guide on how to wallpaper the ceiling, even beginners can create a stunning ceiling design.

Let your imagination run wild and create a magical place for your child with the use of wallpaper. Browse an extensive collection of Wallpaper for Kids on SNG Royal.