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Disney Cars kids bedroom Wallpaper Mural
goku vs vegeta wallpaper for kids
3D Doraemon custom wallpaper
Custom Wall Murals 3D Cartoon Animal Photo Wallpaper
3D Modern Creative Underwater Children Room
The Marvel Avengers kids wallpaper
Lavender Children Kids Space Wall paper
Pink Castle Chhota Bheem
3D Car Custom Cartoon Wallpaper
3D Children's room boy dormitory
Children's room wallpaper boy girl cartoon panda
Brown Car Broken Wall Mural For Children Kids' Room
Kids Room Wallpaper By SNG Royal
Pink roses and castle wall murals for children room
Best Kids Room Wallpaper By Sng Royal
Magical Cute Fairy Wallpaper for Girls Room
Cartoon Animals 3D Wallpaper for Kids
Cartoon kids Wallpaper
Jungle Wallpaper for Chiildren
Cute Dino Wallpaper
Nursery Cartoon Wallpaper
Sun and Rain Cloud Rainbow Wallpaper
Sleepy Giraffes Wallpaper
Pink Cloud and Cute Koala
Pink Moon and Star Nursery Wallpaper
Cartoon Dinosaurs Nursery Wallpaper
Children Riding Space Train Mural
Cute Panda Wall Mural
3d Hand Drawn Balloon
Rainbow Color Unicorn Kids Wall Mural
Cute Owls Children Wallpaper
Superhero With Mini Balloons
Bacaz Original Cute Animal Balloon Mushroom 3d Cartoon Mural Wallpaper
The Little Mermaid Wall Mural
Cute Kids On Tortoise Wall Mural
Cartoon Animal Jungle Wallpaper
Kids Jungle Theme Wall Mural for kids Bedroom
Lord Krishna With Flute Wallpaper

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Turn your kid's room into an interesting one with wallpaper for kids

Wallpapers are the best alternative to wall paints and we are glad that wallpapers existed as without which it wouldn’t be this easy to get a house decor as per our desire at an affordable price, the touch of aesthetics, lavishness and a class. And apart from that, another plus point of wallpaper is that they can be put on the wall any time and can be removed every easily as well if one wishes to have a change in the vibe of the room. With the wallpaper for kids room came a very good option to adorn the walls of the children’s room in different ways which would make them feel escalated and boost their creativity. ‘Aesthetic’ is a thing nowadays and has gained so much value, that is why every time we want an aesthetic decoration not just in wallpapers but in other interior decor aspects as well.

The colours, tones, patterns everything plays an important role to affect the mind of a person, be it an adult or a child. Like for adults, their workplace should have an uplifting and motivating vibe, the living room should have modern and classy vibes (for say, depends upon the taste of a person), similarly the room where your children would spend most of their time and would sleep at night, they need to be given the most joyful, playful and high spirited vibes in the room. Childhood is the stage of developing the mind and the body, and the right designs and patterns affect the mind and stimulate creativity. SNG Royal has a plethora of options for kids wallpaper of all ages and of both genders which are made up of high-quality material and is safe for children.

Unique wallpapers for every age kid's room

Should the vibe of the room of a toddler be the same for the one who’s 10 year old? Absolutely not. According to the age, it is very much important to have a change in where they live. The colours and patterns impact the mind development of a child. It is the parents’ duty to look into the proper way of developing the mind of a child. Not just teaching them the numbers and alphabets would suffice; the first and foremost focus should be given in their initial brain development so that they could in future easily grasp what is being taught to them.

Wallpaper for new born baby –

For the new born baby, they stay in a cradle in their parents’ room, so the parents need to alter their room’s decor into something that would give comfort to the eye of the baby. Wallpapers with large patterns and warm colours are a great option here.

Wallpaper for 1-3 years of child-

From the age of one to three when the child learns to walk slowly and steadily, they need a playroom with more space where they can crawl and play and learn to stand on their feet. The best option for wallpaper for a child’s room at that time would be a jungle with cartoon animals, rainbows, unicorns or a nature wall mural. Adding fun colours on the walls would make them happy and also would start stimulating the healthy development of the mind of them.

Wallpaper for child above the age 3 years-

After the age three starts the kindergarten phase when they are fully able to walk and speak with a more developed mind, where they go to kindergarten to play and learn with other children like him or her. Their inquisitiveness grows more, they become more; imaginative and begin to understand creativity. And these are all the crucial factors that need to be fuelled well so that they have the right growth. Observe what your kids are growing interested in; if your boy is loving cars then a car wallpaper would be very fascinating for them. Or you could also consider a 3D wallpaper for kids for a life-like effect. If your doll is asking for a doll, give her a whole wall full of fairy tale scenarios. It is the time for imagination and let them imagine.

Wallpaper for child above the age 4-5 years-

And then comes one of the very important stages of a child’s life, at the age of 4-5 when he first steps into the onset of another phase of his life and that is going to school. From this time often a child has their own room. In this phase they have rapid brain development; they will start gaining the ability to understand more things, their imagination power increases. The wallpapers of children’s room then should be the one which is interesting, helps them focus, and improves concentration which will work on their intellect. The colourful motifs, space wallpaper, sky wallpaper, geometric patterns, jungle scenarios, 3D cartoon characters are a great option to choose from. SNG Royal has a variety of best children’s wallpaper in safe quality for the children so that they have good overall development.

Best wallpaper option for boys and girl in SNG Royal

Modern kids wallpapers are categorised in three parts, feminine, masculine and unisex wallpaper. There are a variety of wallpapers for each category in SNG Royals which you can explore to find out which is the right fit for your child. If one is getting hard time choosing, they may ask for assistance form is as our experts are ever ready to help, they would assist finding out the right pick and if still you won’t be satisfied of wallpapers which are on display, in SNG Royal, there is always an option for customized wallpaper according to your need.

Boys always get more interested in and fascinated by the superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman and Marvel Avengers, space and rockets, cars, forests, animals and playground etc. so for your baby boy’s room, it would be best to have wallpapers which have these elements. For girls, they like to be surrounded by dolls and like to live in the world of fairy tales or places which are dreamy. For them, the best wallpapers would be the world of fairies, jungle with cute animals, horses and unicorns, rainbows, cartoon characters etc. The sky scenery, the space, the geometric prints and the colourful motifs are all unisex wallpaper designs. Also with our customization option available for wallpapers one may even get personalized wallpaper for children’s bedroom with their child’s picture printed on it along with their name.

Thus, wallpapers contribute a lot to a child’s development from the very beginning and SNG Royal is providing the best of its kind wallpaper for kids room in premium quality.