Customization Options at SNG Royal

Waterfall landscape

Turn your photo into a wallpaper

Think about the visual you will get when you walk into your room to see your
favorite photograph as a mural on the wall. It sounds exciting and is a unique idea
and all you got to do is send us that image.


Match your idea with our image bank

At times your eyes search for a design that’s difficult for you to explain. You can scroll through the forest of ideas in the image bank for those situations and choose one that pleases you.
Customized Wallpaper Dealer In Delhi By SNG Royal

We design your ideas

When you have an expert sitting in front of you, your words help them create the perfect design as you explain your ideas. Get your unique wallpaper created by our fabulous designers.
New fine three - dimensional jewelry flower custom wallpaper
3D Pink floral Wall mural
Decorative Bedroom 3D Wallpaper for wall
3D Iron flower Custom wallpaper
Decoration Fragrance Blue and White Wallpaper
3D Wood Carving Lotus Flower Design Custom Wall Mural
3D Stereo Relief Jewelry Elegant Tulip Backdrop Wallpaper
3D Red Diamond floral Wallpaper for living Room
3D Stereo Luxury Gold Flower Jewelry Wall Mural

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Let our expert helps you to select best wallpaper for you.

Wallcovering Wallpapers By SNG Royal

Customized Wallpaper

Bored with your dreary lifeless walls. Don’t worry we are here for your rescue. We at SNG Royal believe in transforming ideas into reality. Through our customized wallpaper you could get even your own picture as your wallpaper. Getting a personalized wallpaper for your walls comes with endless advantages. It will make your home a center of attraction. Don’t you feel delighted when people appreciate your house? They admire your creativity. By getting an eccentric wallpaper, you could easily make those nosy guests jealous and show off your house. In terms of resilience, the custom wallpaper in Delhi at SNG Royal is highly recommended due to its long durability. usually, wall paint wears off in 1-2 years but wallpapers hold onto for a longer duration which makes them a befitting decision. Wallpapers with your own photo add glare to your room. It could instantly enhance your room and make it more appealing. Whether you want to enhance your bedroom, living room, or even washroom, with a distinctive wallpaper you could give wing to your imagination. The appearance of your residence would undergo a glamorous makeover with this decision of getting a personalized photo wallpaper. Another reason why you must choose wallpaper over a wall- paint over others is due to their reasonability.

Give your house a makeover today only with 3d wallpaper for walls from SNG Royal. 

Which images can I choose to create my wall mural

Out of a lot of varieties of wallpaper ideas that are present in the market, if you did not find something that suits your room and so have come up with the idea of a customized wallpaper for walls. And if you are wondering how to make a wall mural from a picture?, we at SNG Royal can help. Here are few types of images that you can select from and send to us and we will make a wallpaper as per your needs.

Your own Image: it’s pretty appreciative if you believe in self-love and have thought of making a mural of your own photograph. The first thing that you need to be careful of is that the picture should not be in a portrait mode because it will just capture the center portion of the wall, and the rest will be empty and will not look presentable. 

Family:  lucky you are if you have a huge family. So, if the belongingness towards them have made you want to walk into your dining room looking into the massive mural of a family photograph, then it’s a great idea. But, of course, you would not want any of your family members to look bad in it, so you can get a photo from some function customized where the entire picture is colorful.

Collage: there are times when you click many photographs, and it becomes challenging to choose any one for the mural. If you are facing the same problem, then you can get a custom photo collage wallpaper for your room. But remember to either select all the photos in color form or black and white and not mix both while customizing a mural because a colorful collage will give a feeling of filigree detailing in the room and then increase the dimension. At the same time, back and white will increase the depth of the room. 

Wallpaper Faq's

Q: I want to get my picture as wallpaper. is it possible?

Answer: Yes, Before getting a picture as your wallpaper make sure it is clear and in High resolution because once it’s enlarged resolution might get grainy.

Q: Do I have to take any precautions around the wallpaper?

Answer: Not really, at the initial days you have to be a bit cautious but after that, as the wallpaper takes its place you don’t have to worry anymore, Wallpaper doesn’t require extra care, you just have to get it applied and treat it as wall paint.

Q: Is wallpaper cheaper than wall paint?

Answer: Yes, wallpapers are cheaper than wall-paint. Not just that wallpapers tend to last for long as compared to wall-paint. Paint starts to peel off in a year or two but wallpapers are quite resilient. They hold onto it for longer. moreover, they also add flair to your room.

Q: Is labour charge inclusive or exclusive?

Answer: Labour charge is inclusive.

Q: How should I remove the old wallpaper?

Answer: While getting a new wallpaper installed it’s mandatory to get your old wallpaper removed which must be done with utmost care as it can lead to wall damage. In order to get it removed contact us, we will remove it before applying a new one.