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Home decor has become a necessity not just because of its eye pleasing aspect but because it enhances the place where a person lives and also it has an impact in our well-being. Now, we are also available with wide range of wallpapers in faridabad. Home decor trends date back to the Egyptian era and since then people understood the importance of it. SNG Royal for years have taken up the job to turn your home or office space in Faridabad into a place worth admiring for. We are very effectively turning the visualisation you have of your home into a reality. 

The place we reside also reflects the personality we have that’s why it is needed to choose the right wallpaper for your walls. We have understood the art and science of interior designing and thus we know which wallpaper will suit the arrangement of your room the best. Each item in a room should add value to your life and your mind. That’s why choosing wallpaper that would have a positive and happy effect on mind is really important. We have an extensive and exquisite collection of high-quality wallpapers to add an elegant and polished touch to every corner of your house. Now hide the cracks and shabby areas with beautiful wallpapers of SNG Royal at ease with our free and hassle-free installation of Wallpapers in Faridabad.

Wallpaper Faq's

Q: Can I apply wallpaper over wallpaper?

Answer: Wallpaper over wallpaper doesn't seem a very good idea and, in our opinion, you shouldn't layer wallpaper over wallpaper. First remove the old wallpaper from your wall completely and then apply the new one otherwise it might happen that the glue is not set properly and either it will start to peel off or it will bubble up and would look really bad.

Q: Is priming really important before applying the wallpaper?

Answer: Priming your wall is really essential if you want your wallpaper to set on your wall nicely. However, many installers tend to skip this process but SNG Royal performs each step precisely. Priming helps to easily stick the wallpaper, prevents getting air bubbles, and also it makes the wallpaper easy to remove when one would think of changing the wallpaper. Another benefit of primer is that it hides the colour of the already painted colour of the wall so that after applying the new wallpaper there shouldn't be any faint visibleness of the old colours above the new wallpaper.

Q: What causes peeling at the seams of the wallpaper and how should I fix it?

Answer: Often we hear this that the edge of the wallpaper is lifting and it happens because the glue starts to dry from the edge when the wallpaper is exposed in the air in the time of soaking period. Another reason can be too much paste is squeezed out of the edges while installing hence making it peel off from the wall. Therefore, it should be looked after that the right amount of glue is there in the seams. Mostly it is fixed by injecting adhesive into the edges. It is less likely to happen if installed by us but still if you face such issues you can contact us and our team is efficient to get it fixed properly.

Q: Can I customize my wallpaper and is there any extra change for it?

Answer: No, in SNG Royal you can customise your wallpaper. We are taking great pleasure in saying that we have been very effectively transforming the imagination of our client into a reality and making their living or working place feel unique and elegant. We do not charge anything extra for customizing the wallpaper.

Q: Does wallpaper damage the wall?

Answer: While removing the wallpaper from the wall it does damage the wall and the intensity of it depends on whether the wall is properly primed or not and what wallpaper material is used. If you are taking down your existing wallpaper with a motive to apply a new one, it wouldn’t create any problem. But if you are thinking of painting your wall, you need to smoothen out the surface of the wall first and then apply the paint.