Wallpapers for Walls: Brighten Up Your Room

Do you have any particular space in your house that needs to be brightened up? It could be a living room, a kid’s room, or a bedroom. Whatever the space may be, with wallpaper designs, you can enhance not only the aesthetics of a room but also its visual harmony. And no, you do not have to take the traditional route of wall paint; instead, use wallpaper. In this blog, we’ll share five wallpaper designs that can banish dullness and brighten up your room with the help of wallpapers. Also, some extra tips on furniture and lighting will improve the overall visual harmony of your room.

Here are some wallpaper designs that can take your room from drab to fab.

Butterfly 3D Wall Mural

3D wall mural

The above 3D wallpaper design is not only trendy but also comes in the complementing shades of white and blue. This wallpaper can instantly disperse luminosity in any room, be it a bedroom or living room. You can also use the Butterfly 3D Wall Mural as an accent wallpaper to enhance the focal point of your room. The 3D tunnel like design with bold prints of butterflies gives it a swanky look. This wallpaper would be an ideal choice for maximalist lovers.

Tip: Keep the furniture with this kind of wallpaper light and muted tones in colour. Something like beige, white or offwhite furniture would perfectly go with such wallpapers. When it comes to lighting, try to keep LED white lights instead of yellow ones, especially if your room size is smaller than average.

Magical Cute Fairy Wallpaper for Girls Room

Best Kids Room Wallpaper By Sng Royal

Do you wish to decorate your young daughter’s room? Why not put up wallpaper featuring adorable fairies and mythical creatures on her bedroom walls? This would be a delightful revamp of your child’s room, along with brightening it up. Kids’ rooms are generally smaller than the rest of the rooms in a house. And if there is no space for windows for natural lighting, then chances are the room will look dull and boring. But with something like the above wallpaper design, the walls not only look pretty but also relax. You can get a design like waterproof material or vinyl wallpaper to protect the wallpaper from regular wear and tear.

Tip: Make sure the room is not burdened with heavy furniture or dark curtains. We are trying to create luminosity in the room; hence, picking light furniture would be the right choice. Similarity: choose curtains with soft pastel tones that would complement the entire room.

Kids Jungle Theme Wall Mural for Kids Bedroom

Another option to elevate the brightness of your kids room is to add a pop of colour. Take, for example, the above wallpaper for the kids room. This jungle-themed wallpaper is gender-neutral and can be applied in any kids’ room. The cute animals and bright hues infused in this wallpaper make it eye-catching for both kids and adults. The mood of the room would light up as soon as you switched from boring painted walls to something as querying and adorable as this wallpaper.

Tip: Since the wallpaper is bright in colour, and if your child room is big, you can take the risk of putting up colourful furniture. Add some colourful stuffed toys to complete the look. In addition, make sure to put up adequate lamps or ceiling lights so that the light can disperse throughout the entire room thoroughly.

Leaf Patterned Tropical Design

Leaf Patterned Tropical Design

Add the freshness of the tropics with the above or similar wallpaper design to your living room. Tropical designs as wallpaper for living rooms not only bring colour but also drama with their bold patterns. You can choose to use only one wall as a focal point or create an accent wall. This will bring the centre of attention to one wall. For instance, in the above photo, the wallpaper behind the TV cabinet makes a powerful statement. The boldly patterned leaves make up a wall border, and the empty space provides space for TV.

Tip: When creating an accent wall for your TV room or living room, make sure to add a pendant light. Doing this would provide adequate space for light dispersion, which will make your wall brighter.

3D Ball Abstract Wallpaper Design

3D ball

A perfect addition to your dining area would be the above or a similar wallpaper that you can find on SNG Royal. This 3D wallpaper is the definition of abstract, yet very futuristic. To enhance the brightness of your dining space, place it on a wall visible to everyone. The 3D floating balls with a tunnel-like runway give it an avant-garde feel.

Tip: Keep the drapes, furniture, and pendant lighting of the room in alignment with the wallpaper. When all the elements of an interior blend harmoniously, the room’s visual appearance becomes truly eye-pleasing.

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