Transform Living Spaces with Abstract Wallpaper Design

Wallpapers infused with abstract motifs are known as abstract wallpapers. These abstract designs are fluid and don’t pictorially represent a concrete reality but rather an idea. The same is reflected in the wallpaper designs. They can add intrigue, character, and an artsy flair, thereby elevating the aesthetic appeal of your walls. These wallpapers showcase a harmonious blend of modern and abstract motifs. And like other wallpaper designs, the design of an abstract wallpaper is not restricted to rigid categories such as floral, geometric, landscape, etc.

Abstract wallpapers are not only visually captivating but are also versatile in nature. They can be put in different spaces depending on the room’s function, desired mood, and colour scheme.

Who Can Use Abstract Wallpaper in their Space:

People with an eye and heart for contemporary modern arts can buy abstract wallpaper for their homes. They cost a fraction of what a modern painting would cost and instantly lift up the facade of your walls. Their vibrant colours, textures, and intriguing patterns make them a bold choice for your living spaces. Read below to learn more about spaces where you can put up abstract wallpapers.

1. Living Room:

The living room is the focal point of any household; hence, styling your living room with a catchy modern design is a great way to grab eyeballs. Abstract wallpaper designs can cut down on the monotony of single-hued walls and can be paired well with living room furniture or hardwood floors. The choice of wallpaper with respect to the existing furniture can make your living room cohesive and appealing. You can experiment with different patterns from a wallpaper vendor and find the one that suits you the best.

2. Bedroom:

A bedroom is a space to unwind and relax after a wearsome day. You don’t want to overwhelm the decor of your room with bold abstract designs. Rather, choose something that goes well with the existing bedroom decor and is in a much more muted tone. Choose abstract wallpaper designs that have serene colours or simplified patterns to promote relaxation and a restful ambiance in the bedroom.

3. Accent Walls:

If wallpapering the walls of your living spaces with abstract wallpapers intimidates you, consider going for an accent wall. It is often seen that with abstract designs for walls, most buyers go for accent walls. Keeping in mind the design, shape, and pattern of your wallpaper, it can really elevate the focal point of the room without making the room look busy or overwhelmed.

4. Offices and Corporate Buildings:

In workspaces, abstract wallpapers can be used to motivate your team, stimulate fresh ideas, and make the work environment exciting. You may use abstract wallpaper for different areas, such as lounges, conference rooms, or departments. These upbeat and imaginative wallpaper designs can turn dull, dry, and boring office spaces into energised workspaces. A key note to remember would be to consider the type of business or workspace you have and get customised wallpaper accordingly.

5. Designer Stores and Boutiques:

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Not just for residential spaces, abstract wallpaper designs can also be used in retail spaces such as stores and boutiques. Whether you have a fashion boutique or retail store, you can select from a variety of abstract wallpaper designs from SNG Royal to transform the interiors of your store and make it more chic. The abstract wall murals also provide a backdrop for your product or service, accentuating the store’s brand power. The interiors of your fashion store will not only be Instagram-worthy but will also likely pull in more customers.

6. Restaurants and Cafes:

Having abstract wallpaper murals in your restaurant and cafe can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your establishment. The eccentric patterns and design ideas can contribute to elevating the mood of your restaurant. Choose from various abstract patterns, such as flowers withering away from trees, graffiti, or a wall mural, to complement your restaurant or cafe theme. This would give your guests a chance to enjoy the aesthetic vibes of your eatery along with delicious coffee and food.

7. Spa and Wellness Centres:

For spa and wellness centres, choosing abstract wallpaper designs can significantly contribute to making the space radiant and captivating. A spa centre is meant for relaxation and healing; hence, it is advisable to carefully choose abstract motifs such as soft, fluid patterns, pastel shades, or nature-inspired abstracts that can enhance the sense of rejuvenation and relaxation.

How Much Does an Abstract Wallpaper for Walls Cost?

The cost of an abstract wallpaper for walls depends on several variables, such as the quality of the wallpaper, the brand, the material (vinyl, non-woven, etc.), the design complexity, and the place of purchase. To give you price approximations, read the table below:

Category Price Range (per square foot) Features
Budget-Friendly Options INR 50 to INR 250 Often basic designs and colours.
Mid-Range Options INR 250 to INR 500 Made from more durable materials and intricate designs. Ideal for those looking to balance quality and style.
Premium Options INR 500 to INR 2000+ High-end and luxurious designs, includes custom designs and may come with professional installation.

Wrap up:

Abstract wallpaper designs are the perfect way to express your imagination and creativity on the walls. From residential spaces to commercial ones, abstract wall murals can easily enhance the aesthetics and visual chemistry of your cherished space. Make sure that for residential spaces, you always get a sample wallpaper to see how it fits with the rest of your room. And for commercial spaces, consider the theme of the business, scale, pattern, and colour psychology to ensure that wallpaper serves the purpose. Check out SNG Royal’s collection of abstract wallpapers or get them customised.

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