Psychology of Colours: How Wallpaper Colours can Influence Mood

Colours can have a huge impact on mood and behaviour and might even have some influence on our decisions. This is exactly what the psychology of colours talks about: how colours can affect our mood and emotions. The study of colours is based on the notion that each colour has its own frequency and wavelength, which may produce different psychological effects. Therefore, the application of colours in our surroundings is important to look at. Especially when we are decorating our interiors for home, offices, or any other dwelling space.

When it comes to wallpaper, choosing the right wallpaper colour is a key element in elevating the vibe and aesthetic of a particular room. The colours you select may have a huge impact on the mood of your living space. For instance, warm colours like red and orange can promote a feeling of excitement and vitality. whereas calming tones such as white, light blue, and pastel pink may bring in more serene, pure, and poised energies.

Let’s take a look at how different wallpaper colours may influence your mood and what room they will be suitable for:

Red Wallpaper

Red is the first colour in the rainbow and is universally used to indicate excitement, thrill, passion, and zeal. It also has the highest scattering capacity, which is why red is recognised from faraway distances. The red-coloured wallpaper can be used in rooms where you wish to create a more stimulating environment, such as a home office, a gym, a dance studio, or a living room. But please note that, since red is a warmer colour, excessive use of it may be overbearing for some people. Therefore, it’s necessary to strike a balance between colours. You may use red-coloured wallpaper for an accent wall to grab the attention of the onlooker and balance it with lighter tones such as off-white. You may pick floral wallpaper designs with some white flowers on a red background. In addition, try to incorporate furniture and decor items of a lighter shade to balance out the tones of a particular room.

Suitable for: home office, accent wall for living room or bedroom, gym

Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow has a bright, sunny, and cheerful tone, which may promote feelings of optimism, happiness, and creativity. It is believed that young children are more likely to find yellow attractive than most adults. Yellow wallpaper can be used in living spaces to create a warm, friendly, approachable, and inviting vibe. You can also play with different shades of yellow and go for wallpaper with stripes to create a distinguished look. In many eastern religions, the colour yellow is considered auspicious and heavily used in various cultural ceremonies. You may also play with different designs, prints, and textures by choosing yellow-hued wallpapers for your room. The final choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Suitable for: While looking for wallpapers for the kids room, you may choose yellow-coloured wallpaper. The puja room, study room, and kitchen will also look great with yellow-toned wallpapers.

Orange Wallpaper

Just like red and yellow, orange, too, is a bright and warm colour that adds a layer of exuberance and brightness to a room. It’s a perfect colour that strikes the balance of yellow and red ones. It adds a sense of cheerfulness and enthusiasm to the living space. It can be a good wallpaper for children’s rooms or play areas. The orange tone has the ability to uplift our mood and rejuvenate our senses. It also unleashes a sense of creativity and enables us to be more productive. Orange wallpaper can prove to be versatile in its usage. All you need to do is discern the pattern and prints for orange wallpapers, and you’ll be able to create a zesty space for yourself.

Suitable for: The versatility of orange wallpaper makes it suitable for wallpaper in bedrooms, kids rooms, living rooms, dining spaces, etc.

Blue Wallpaper

Blue is a colour that is associated with coolness, stability, and serenity. It evokes a feeling of calmness and security. It is important to note that the light hues of blue, such as turquoise, azure, teal, etc., may add a layer of tranquillity and amusement. It may give you a sense of the calming waters of an ocean or a stretch of clear blue sky. whereas darker tones of blue such as indigo, navy blue, and midnight blue may add a royal touch, making it a perfect selection for many living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Blue is a colour that can be both vibrant and calming and can be used more effectively than other shades.

Suitable for: Blue wallpaper can be an excellent choice for office space, an accent wall for bedrooms, a living room, or a meditation or yoga room.

Green Wallpaper

Green is a colour that evokes rest, comfort, and hope. It is also a colour that is often linked with nature and peace. Therefore, it’s a good choice to use green in places to calm your nerves, unwind yourself, and align your energies. It is no surprise that artists and entertainers often use the “Green Room” to wait for their turns or to simply relax before going on stage and performing. If you have a large living space and want to give it a dramatic yet sophisticated look, you may opt for darker green tones. The darker colour will eliminate the negative (empty space) and make the room size equitable. On the other hand, if you have a relatively smaller space, then going for lighter green-toned wallpapers might enhance the space.

You can also choose tropical-themed wallpaper while looking for shades of green in a wallpaper collection.

Suitable for: study room, living room, kitchen, bathrooms

White Wallpaper

In most cultures, the colour white symbolises purity and peace. It is also associated with cleanliness and simplicity. White wallpaper can make any cramped space look bigger. White-toned wallpapers are also a great choice for using them besides any darker-shaded wallpaper. It is a pretty versatile colour and can be incorporated into any room, especially smaller rooms, to create the illusion of space. It will also work great as a minimalistic wallpaper for those looking to create a calm and minimalist space. Furthermore, it serves as a perfect background for colourful accents, ornamental mirrors, and decor items. You can also plant some natural indoor plants to create a sense of serenity and nature in your living space.

Suitable for: All rooms.

Pink Wallpaper

Pink wallpapers often get boxed into the category of wallpaper for girls and are often viewed as an intrinsically feminine colour. However, it can be used as an extremely refreshing and multifaceted wallpaper. The shades of pastel pink can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Whereas darker shades of pink, such as hot pink, are quite ravishing and can add that missing touch of glamour to any room. You can work with your wallpaper vendor to get a customised wallpaper that incorporates dual tones of pink in a single wallpaper. Pink is also a great choice if you’re looking for some romantic wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Suitable for: Bedroom, Kids room, Make Up Studio, Salons, Boutiques

Here are some additional tips if you are looking for coloured wallpaper for walls:

  • Opt for lighter tones in small spaces to make them appear larger.
  • Choose dark colours in large rooms to create a more intimate vibe.
  • Use lighter colours, such as off-white and pastel blue, if you live in hotter temperatures.
  • Use contrasting colours together to create a mature, sophisticated, and dramatic look.
  • You may work with a designer to put together complementary colours such as orange and beige to create a sense of balance.

To wrap it up, the choice of wallpaper colours can make or break the vibe of your room and may have a deep impact on your psychological well-being. It is crucial to select a colour that enhances harmony in your home. At the same time, always choose what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. And measure all your options before making the final decision about buying wallpaper.

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