Everything you need to know about customized wallpaper for walls

Whether you are planning to beautify your new house with the latest interior decoration or simply flip around the look of your existing house, beautiful wallpapers can easily make that magic happen. Wallpapers are an essential part of interior decoration that elevates the beauty of your walls. They are cheaper than textured paint and usually last long.

There are plenty of wallpaper options available in the market, but did you know that you can customize your wallpaper according to your personal taste and design. Now, what are customized wallpapers? To put it simply, the freedom to customize and make changes in the available wallpaper options, whether it’s on the basis of its price, materials, design or utility.

You may also think about how customization of wallpapers can be done? Now, if you plan to customize your wallpapers, you need to keep in mind what kind of material, design and cost you want to go with. Each of these variables can affect the final costing of your wallpapers. There are factors and variables you need to consider while asking for customized wallpaper. The customization of wallpapers can be narrowed down on the basis of these three factors. Let’s take a look:

1) Design/Aesthetic based customization

Your wallpapers can be an extension of your personality. If you are going for a design based customization, talk to your vendor about any specific design or pattern that you have in mind. For example: You might want to personalize your wallpaper with your own art work or family photos. Share these ideas with your wallpaper vendor and ask thoroughly about the kind of ink that would be used and the cost of printing. Simple wallpaper with texts may cost you less, but if you are going for a vibrant painting or a repeated pattern, then the cost will be much higher. Similarly, if there is a specific tribal art or folk art design that you like, communicate with your vendor and let them know about your aesthetic choices and design preferences.

2) Material based customization

Since customization can be an expensive process, you may want to choose material that is easy on your budget. In that case, a paper based material might be a great option for you. The price range of paper wallpaper can be fit in an approximate price bracket of Rs. 60/- to Rs. 150/- per sq. ft. They are a great choice for your homes and workspace. Some customers also prefer textile or fabric based wallpaper for their villas, hotels, clubs and lounges etc. They can make your walls look posh and elegant. The denser the thread work and textile, the higher the cost of the wallpaper production. If budget is not an issue for you, then ask your wallpaper vendor about the type of fabric that can be used and explore design ideas.

3) Utility based customization

You can also customize wallpaper based on your personal utility and requirement. For example, if you have kids at home or if you are an owner of a pet, you might want to pick washable wallpaper which is easy to wipe and clean. These washable wallpapers can be slightly expensive. Their initial cost starts somewhere from Rs 500/- per roll. If the walls of your house are damp and susceptible to moisture, you can opt for moisture resistant wallpaper. The moisture resistant material in wallpaper makes it ideal to use around the kitchen sink area, bathrooms or on any damp walls. The cost of moisture resistant wallpaper would be somewhere around Rs. 800 – Rs. 1000 per roll.

Hence, customizing wallpaper is entirely up to a customer’s own preference, personal taste and budget. A lot of it depends on what you mix and match. The affordability of customized wallpaper can be affected by the kind of material, coating and design you choose. The key is to communicate YOUR preferences to your wallpaper vendor and weigh out your options on different variables.

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