Elevate Your Space with Korean Wallpaper Designs

What is Korean Wallpaper?

Korean wallpaper refers to wallpaper made in or inspired by Korean design styles. Korean design tends to be minimalistic and uses materials which are drawn from nature such as wood and paper, and uses muted tones of beige, white, and grey. Korean wallpaper may also be inclusive of natural symbols and patterns. They are typically handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Korean wallpaper has a rich history and is a popular choice for anyone looking to add a touch of traditional or modern Korean aesthetics to their home.

Let us dive into different types of Korean wallpapers, their average price range and how are they made:

1) Hanji paper wallpaper

Hanji paper is a unique traditional Korean paper made from the interior bark of the mulberry tree. It is completely handmade. The process of making a Hanji wallpaper goes back (57 BCE–668 CE) and involves pounding the bark until it becomes a pulp. The pulp is then flattened, kept in water, dried and turned into a thin sheet. Despite being a light and translucent paper, it has amazing durability due to tightly held fibres. In addition, it has a simple and natural appearance. Hanji wallpaper is used in traditional Korean homes called Hanok. Many people who prefer simple and minimalist styles also use Hanji wallpapers.

The price for one roll of Hanji wallpaper can cost somewhere between INR 2500 to INR 4500.

2) Grasscloth wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpapers were hugely popular in South Korea in the 70s and 80s. They presented a unique look and texture to walls. A grasscloth wallpaper is made from strong and natural fibres such as bamboo, jute, or hemp, and exhibits an earthy and old school look. It is often used in interiors to supplement depth and texture to a room. Grasscloth wallpaper is usually handmade and is praised for its sustainability and eco-friendliness. If you are looking for eco-friendly wallpapers, incorporate grasscloth paper in your room. They give a feeling of natural comfort.

The price of a genuine Grasscloth wallpaper begins from INR 7000/-. They are on the expensive side but there are faux grasscloth wallpaper available in the market at a much cheaper price.

3) Rice paper wallpaper

Rice paper is a thin, translucent sheet that is conventionally used in Korean culture for writing and painting. The material used in making the ‘rice paper’ comes from the inner core of the Tetrapanax Papyriferus tree. It is a non-fibrous material cut from the inner core and divided into thin layers and then dried. Rice paper wallpaper is used to create an Asian concept decor for your homes. It adds delicacy and elegance to your walls.

The average price range of Rice paper wallpaper falls under the bracket of INR 800 to INR 1000.

4) Geometric pattern wallpaper

Korean style wallpaper often infuses geometric patterns, such as circles, squares, and triangles, into its textiles and decor. The material used for geometric pattern wallpaper is always derived from nature such as bamboo or jute. The lines, patterns and shapes incorporated on such handmade wallpaper gives a unique look to the wallpaper. Such wallpapers look great in a study room or office cabin.

The average price range of Geometric pattern wallpaper falls under the bracket of INR 900 to INR 1500.

5) Wallpaper with traditional Korean symbols

Apparently there are “10 symbols of Longevity” in Korean culture depicted in one of the paintings made during the rule of Joseon Dynasty. These ten symbols are the ten elements of nature which includes the sun, clouds, mountains, water, pine trees, turtles, deer, cranes, peaches, and the herb of eternal youth. You may find such recurring motifs on wallpapers as well. Using such wallpapers are a great way to incorporate a touch of history and tradition in your homes.

The average price range of the above mentioned wallpaper is somewhere between INR 1500 to INR 2500.

Among the many available options in the market, Korean wallpapers are beautifully elegant and charming. Offering a vintage vibe to a soft and charming look, Korean wallpapers are here to stay. It is meant for minimalism lovers and people who generally have an affinity towards Korean aesthetics. If you are also looking to bring in some minimalism coupled with elegance into your interior decor, you may want to start exploring Korean wallpapers.

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