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SNG Royal, a name synonymous with wallpapers in Delhi for years, brings to you our unique range of holistic products designed to add a sense of glamour to your homes and spaces. As the best wallpaper shop in Delhi, we are defined by our commitment to curate revolutionary and luxurious looking designs that offer an everlasting allure to your walls. One of the biggest advantages of choosing wallpapers is that it covers up all wall imperfections and alters the whole room into something completely unimaginable. We acknowledge the responsibility of taking care of all such imperfections and brightening every dark corner of your home. When you shop with SNG Royal, we assure a fuss free experience, excellent customer service and flawless wall finish on installation. And once you’re done shopping we are confident that you would gladly describe us as the best wallpaper store in Delhi.

Wallpaper Suitable for Different Room

For living room: depending on what you wish to see as the first thing every morning when you open your eyes companies that make wallpaper in Delhi have options that include abstracts, layered abstracts and floral patterns.

For drawing room: keeping your first impression correct let your guests walk into your house staring at the huge scenery be it of the maple leaves and autumn season, winter and snow-covered mountains or green surroundings and waterfalls, companies that make wallpapers in Delhi have then all.

For Kids rooms: when their imagination run faster than the reality let their vision not get blurred with dull wallpapers. Be its cartoon characters, clouds and birds, colourful balloons and umbrellas enhance their imaginative skills. That’s how specially designed wallpapers are made for their room.

How to decide shades and designs of wallpaper?

Deciding on a perfect wallpaper from the ocean of choices can be tough, given the plethora of varieties available for wallpapers in delhi. With the widest of varieties available and differences in shades you need to be very informed to choose the right one for your home. So here are some things that you need to analyze before choosing a wallpaper: Because of our premium quality products and service, we are popularly known as best wallpaper shop in delhi. 

Size of the room: every wallpaper does not suit every room. If you have a small room, then the choice of wallpaper should be a layered one which gives you a feeling of walking into free space. For a larger room, you can choose a more detailed design.

Lighting: how much light does your room get, be it natural or artificial, is an integral part of deciding what wallpaper to select from the range of variants available. If it’s a brightly lit room, you can choose darker shades, and if it’s a bit darker, you should opt for brighter hues.

Purpose: every room has to have a different aura and cannot match with one another. So, your study room’s wallpaper design should be different from the one in the dining room. So, to get a fresh view of your study, you can choose a natural wallpaper or for your kids room, a playful one would be a good pick.

Why choose wallpaper over Paint.

Making a house is easy. What’s difficult is turning it into a home. Well, the easiest part of doing the decor and the interiors seem to be the wall covering part because you think that all you need to know is the right paint that suits your house. Well, paints are old fashioned, significantly after wallpapers have stepped in the market with some well-highlighted convenience. Suppose you have made a house in a metropolitan area. Every other home will have something nice and different to offer. In that race, you can get the uniqueness of best wallpapers in Delhi as they come in a wider variety. Here are some of the reasons for choosing them:

Texture : It adds texture to your walls which paint cannot, no matter how expensive they are.

Direction : It gives direction to the house, dividing each space differently with different designs, thus creating a separate vibe for each room.

Smaller Corners : It makes smaller corners of the house look more impactful; for instance, homes have washbasins for outsiders positioned in minimal space. So for locations like those abstract designs could be helpful to intensify the look which paint cannot.

Wallpaper Faq's

Q: Can I apply wallpaper on painted walls?

Answer: Yes, wallpaper can be applied to Painted walls. In case walls are not painted, Primer is applied beforehand so that the wallpaper clings to the surface without damaging the wall.

Q: How long does it take to apply wallpaper?

Answer: To apply wallpaper on a wall it hardly takes 4-5 hours. We endeavor to make this process less disturbing by being quick with our work. Once the wallpaper is installed and is duly placed on the wall, it is thoroughly checked. You could avail of our services all across Delhi NCR.

Q: Can I cover my brick and cement with wallpaper?

Answer: No, In order to apply wallpaper it’s important to have a smooth surface for best results. Moreover, bricks cannot retain the glue for long and would eventually peel off. It is not suggestive to opt for such an idea for the long term as it would look grainy and uneven.

Q: What kind of wallpaper would be best for a small and medium-sized room?

Answer: Any wallpaper would look perfect in small rooms. we have a wide range of choices. From natural wallpapers to design wallpapers. we have them all as per your needs and moods. All you have to do is visit our website- and look through numerous designs. Contact us - intimate us your needs and we will be at your disposal to make your room a delightful one.

Q: What if my wallpaper starts to peel off?

Answer: The reason why wallpaper starts to peel off is due to faulty installation of the adhesive. But if you are getting your wallpaper applied through SNG Royal. You need not worry. we will make sure you don’t have to go through any hardship. We have one of the best-trained staff with extensive experience. if your wallpaper starts to peel or you feel it’s not up to your expectations, feel free to contact us, and our staff will be on your door-step to take up your query.

Q: Where are you situated in Delhi? Do we have to physically visit to select wallpaper?

Answer: We are situated in B-814, G. D. Colony, Mayur Vihar Phase 3, DELHI.You can visit us or else, you could also choose any wallpaper from the choices available on our website. Just visit our website - and choose from our trendy wallpapers.

Q: What if I can’t measure my wall by myself?

Answer: You need not worry about that, once the wallpaper has been selected we will visit your location to take all the necessary measurements. You could avail yourself of our services all across Delhi NCR.

Q: Do I have to pay extra shipping charges?

Answer: No, our shipping is free all across Delhi NCR.